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    BEWARE => "good_old_bball" !!! HE CHEATED ME !!

    LOL.... Not all queenslanders are idiots..... and let me point out that your from Tassie :razz:
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    NBA All No-Defense Team - Agree?

    HAHA i suscribe to that aswell how is some of the crap that they come out with "Lebron to maimi" "Lebron to new york" "why Lebron will play for the bulls" Lebron to charlotte""Lebron to play for the brisbane Bullets" jokes haha worse than a bloody WHO magazine
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    MJ Logoman - and not the questionable 09-10 one...

    forgive my ignorance but is this thing fake? it didnt sell?? just a question, thanks guys
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    what do you collect mainly? nba footy??

    what do you collect mainly? nba footy??
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    hey mate where abouts on the coast do you live?

    hey mate where abouts on the coast do you live?
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    penny auto ??

    Thanks a Bunch Shane:v:
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    How do u get into the hobby?

    man kemp had some dunking ability, nba jam haha dunking from the half court sinking 4000000 three pointers yeah that game was cool. nice thread
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    penny auto ??

    Hey everyone i was looking throghebay earlier and seen this[/URL] was wondering if this looks legit as i am no too sure. Thanks every one in advance...
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    Carl Landry wanted

    Hi everyone if anyone could help me out with some Carl landry cards it would be sweet, if you have any let me know. Kind regards, Shane
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    Official Patty Mills Thread

    sorry i should have posted this in the paddy mills thread but anyways, whats everyones thoughts. :wave: Shane
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    Official Patty Mills Thread

    hey everyone i was wondering what pick everyone thought patrick mills would go in his draft year? he as played some great ball this season so i thought i might ask what everyone thought :thumbsup: Shane
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    Lebron blocks a 360 dunk attempt by J Rich!

    yeah until it happens to bron and then the whole basketball community is in an up roar! i seen people get fouled for doing less in that game today! athletic or not it was a foul.
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    1000 Member celebration competition...WIN A SEALED BOX!!!

    great stuff, i have been watching it get closer and closer for a while now. awsome. Shane
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    What if Lebron leaves the Cavs in 2010?

    Ha ha sorry to say this man but have yuo seen the loser in your sig,:D:thumbsup::v:
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    LOL Jordan RC

    can i just say, for the hope of mankind nobody bids on these cards! ha ha:lol: