Mr Paparazzi's turn 1 x Marvel Beginnings III and 2 x Batman The Legend boxes.

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Hey guys,

In the last couple of weeks busted a few of my favourties Prizm and Totally Certified but with a marriage and overseas trip coming up time to stop busting as much.
With that in mind I couldn't not bust anything today.

Went with another Batman Legend Box

As we busted one box of Marvel and Batman a couple of days ago. Did very well getting a case HIT from Marvel, my partners son pulled it and was ecstatic.

Then my partner soon to be wifey pulled the Comic cover auto so 2 hits :)

Today we busted another Batman, love the foil cards and insert in this set.

Busted a nice sketch too this time it was my MOJO time :)

First up the hits from the other day

Spencer Platt sketch (Who is it of though????)

Then Marvel Beginnings III

Fabian Nicienza auto

and this 1 in 288 pack card

Marvel Ultimate Spotlight

Piece of real comic numbered to just 44, some numbered to 78 etc.

From the Comic The Spider Woman Vol 1 Issue 32

Numbered 28/44



Then today we busted another Batman

First up show you a foil card


1 in 8 packs

Then Carnival of Criminals insert 1 in 24 packs

Got 2 out of each of our boxes so was happy with that

"The Clown"


and last but not least

The Sketch I busted in the last pack, thought we were ripped a HIT

Nice sketch from Anthony Wheeler


All for trade and sale :)

Hope everyone is busting some cool cards today and having a great day
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