2 boxes of 2022-23 topps chrome nbl, 1 box of topps nbl.....


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Ordered these from dacardworld.com and busted them last night. Results below....

Topps nbl....
Complete set (should expect so)
Parallels - 3 blue (Corey Webster, biwali bayles rc, Milton Doyle), 1 aqua (Ryan broekhoff)
Inserts - 4 1972 retro, 3 big city ballers, 1 nbl elite.

Overall about what is expected.

Topps chrome nbl...
2 boxes.... Collation sucked in the second box. All up, 60/100 for a first set, 49 for a second set and 15 triples. Disappointing.

Refractors.... About what was expected. Both in number and quality. 12 silver, 3 aqua wave (which are so panini's wave prizm it isn't funny), 2 green and 1 blue.

Inserts - now either topps/fanatics are doing the base inserts as refractors, or I hit two hot boxes (collation aside). 8 1972 retro, 4 flight club, 2 nbl legends. No memorabilia cards but did land Justin Robinson and jarell brantley autos.

Overall review.... Collation was a real issue here, especially with 12 dupes in the first box then all but 10 base cards in the second box bring dupes. Could have had more colour variety with the inserts, but... Eh. Autos.... I can kinda understand why sticker autos... You don't want to scratch the surface too much especially as they are basically refractors already.

Rating.... Topps nbl 10/10 it's a basic set for what is essentially a niche market.

Topps chrome nbl - 6/10 love the basic inserts and autos being refractors, just the base set collation was a let down.

Pics next post.
Here are the pics







I think both sets are ok from my limited experience.

My biggest issue is the lack of effort and creativity going into the inserts. The Topps Elite insert set looks pretty rubbish for an insert that is 1 per box. Looks more like a 1/4 pack type insert.
I like the Kai Soto refractor and Rupert blue. Coudl have doen better with the RC logo too. I wonder if every new import gets a RC card?!
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