1 x box of UD Hockey 2021/22 S2

It's rough for hockey fans here. I've been in too many breaks lately. Hit a half decent card in the The Cup Case break but it would barely cover the spot. I took Sharks at $150 and got a Eklund auto /50 but it's probably somewhere between $100 and $150. I pulled another 4 cards would you believe but three were Jonathan Dahlen who is not in the NHL anymore and a material card which might get $10. Only the Oilers( big Gretzky hit) and the Bruins would've walked away feeling good after that break. And those spots would be closer to $500. Whoever took Detroit ( 1 card worth maybe $30) lost their $500 buy in. Do that 3 times and you can buy your own box. Again the value is awful and the ceiling is relatively low. The Gretzky hit was huge, beautiful card, but you might 6X your money on a massive case hit. Better off betting on the horses.

I do it out of boredom. Had lots of breaks $15 here $25 here where you get nothing and when you do get something it's worth just a few dollars.

I'm currently going for a record. In the last two years I have gone in at least 60 Bowman breaks - half with multiple teams - and I have never hit an auto. I've spent $1000 on Bowman breaks alone and that buys you a nice box with guaranteed autos.

I've just convinced myself that I need to take a long spell from breaks.

Artifacts is awful. There's a few hockey products I don't much like but that is right up there. I've hit about 3 Artifacts autos from various slapperz breaks and all of them worth $5 each.
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