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  • hello told your the man in south australia to talk to re NBA, seeing i just got shafted with my first purchase from america
    Hey mate,

    Will you be getting in Panini Select when it gets released?

    If so how much will the boxes be inc. shipping to sydney.

    Looking at getting a couple & would rather support an aussie guy within the hobby then going straight to DA cardworld.

    Hear from you soon. Cheers Maurice
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    Mr Paparazzi
    Mr Paparazzi
    Hi Maurice,

    Yes will be getting Select in, is going to be a HIT.

    Boxes will be around the $165 plus postage to Sydney. Can fit two boxes in a 3kg $12.50 parcel bag to Sydney
    Hi mate,

    Where do you sell your boxes?
    Mr Paparazzi
    Mr Paparazzi
    Hi Maurice I have a site, fb page and also send out do drop offs if your in Adelaide area.
    Okay. I'm from Sydney.

    I've seen your FB page but what is your site?

    Been looking for a box source in Oz :)
    Mr Paparazzi
    Mr Paparazzi
    I can send boxes to Sydney that's no problems I send boxes interstate every week. I have Prizm, totally certified, limited, threads, prestige in stock ATM and more timeless treasures arriving Friday.
    Hay mate THANKS for the box for the box bust, made my day. So hard not to open it been hanging to open a box for months.
    Thanks again cant wait.

    also sent to drob, Strop, ooneil
    hey mate, thanks for the black diamond box.. was great fun breaking. (even if there wasn't any mojo lol)in the next month i am looking to get a case of something fun to break and value for money (hits) if you know of anything you can get your hands on let me know. especially if you can get any 90's stuff that'd be awesome. cheers mate
    Hey Champ i wont be able to pay for that box of donruss till next tuesday :-( The weather up my way has been crap and in my line of work it did not help me out one bit... Anyways if you have offers for a sale before then m8 dont hold back on my part... But if ya still got the box on tuesday i will defantly paypal it on Tuesday......
    Hey mate, are you selling magnetic cases? I need 3 new ones that will fit my thick exquisite cards and one thin one that will fit my UD ultimate sigs card ( not sure what point thickness for either) I do have a couple but they look a bit scratched up. Do you have any mate?
    well i think ill hold onto the lyoto machida one for the moment ill post pics of the anderson silva i have another ruby from the 2010 series 4 ben saunders so im posting pics of that as well ill post some of the other cards i might be interested in selling too ok i have another post where ive listed heaps of cards i m interesting in selling so search my post and find it and let me know or ill add the list later nby edit
    Thanks anyway.
    Looking forward to seeing ya at the markets may 1st.
    Also what NBA hobby boxes do you have ATM as I'm very keen?

    P.s I pulled a Bogut 8/25 donruss 2011 auto last night. Let me know if you keen.

    Hi, just gonna throw it out there... By any chance you still got a mj rare air sealed set left? Cheers
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