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I have not had this card in my possession since 1983 which is when I went to high school and decided that sportscards were 'gay'. I threw them all away including multiple copies of this guy - my favourite player at the time. Got this in the mail today and I'm wrapt it's back. Putting the set together will take some time( I have the South and Fitzroy team sets) but that is half the fun.

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one would think Peter's scanlens cards would have a resurgence in the market especially top condition ones.
One would think the select boys are working on a little tripple Daicos project in the near future
Good luck with the set build 👍
Cheers mate. Appreciate the sentiments. I saw a full set recently for sale on ebay which did not draw a starting bid which I think was $480 or close enough. The cards are said to be mint-near mint condition but I'd want to see photos of individual cards( not just stacked up). Preferably you'd buy something like that in person.

I'll probably just chip away at it.

It does have sentimental value as this was the first ozzie rules set I ever collected. Before that we moved to Europe and I collected soccer stickers which I stuck in albums - also thrown away at the same time I threw the footy cards out. Kudos to people who collected as kids and kept their collections. They'd be in the minority.

The Daicos story might end up being unique. Lots of gun players who produced sons who were elite but not too many gun players that produced two sons that were both better than average. Josh was a fringe 22 player at the start but had a huge breakout year this year and Nick is a Brownlow fave in just his second year. I'm sure Select will do a triple auto at some point.

Just off the top of my head there is Ablett with Gary Jr as a genuine superstar but the younger Ablett( Nathan) was out quickly. Tuck had two sons but neither elite. Cloke had three but none elite. I might be missing someone obvious but perhaps the Daicos boys are the best father/son trio there has been - at least in the last 40 years.

One for the nerd stats
Watson - tim and jobe
Liberatore - both got juice with 2 fine careers
it is going to be intriguing watching the Daicos journey over the coming years , but its a huge mountain to scale to knock off the Ablett's
Not suggesting Peter and Nick are better than the Ablett's. Gary sr was the best most naturally gifted player of his generation and his son was the best player for a while though not as gifted as his dad.

Also for the record Ablett sr was better than Peter Daicos. He was better than anyone in that era.
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