2020 Star Wars Chrome Perspectives, Rise of Skywalker 2 and some Ant Man and The Wasp


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Held off on RoS2 until my tax refund came in which coincided with Chrome Perspectives coming out, so time for a little splurge! 4 boxes of Chrome, 3 of RoS2 and a couple of Ant/Wasp at a bargain price and they didn't add to the shipping (which seems to have gone up lately too)

Box 1 of Star Wars Chrome - Pretty cool sketch by Trent Westbrook.

100820a (Medium).jpg

Chrome Perspectives Box 2 - nothing too great in this one...

100820c (Medium).jpg

Chrome Perspectives Box 3 Rey numbered refractor isn't too shabby...

100820e (Medium).jpg

And probably the best if the lot, Box 4. Happy to get the Ackie and a pretty cool plate !

100820g (Medium).jpg

Rise of Skywalker Series 2 - Box 1 - I'm told this is actually missing a hit - a sketch, a lot of boxes had missing hits in this product, so I'll send in the form and see what comes of it...

100820b (Medium).jpg

Rise of Skywalker Series 2 - Box 3.. pretty ordinary...

100820f (Medium).jpg

What happened to Box 2 ? Well Box 2 was the star of the show. Rey Millennium Falcon Relic /15 !! NICE!

100820d (Medium).jpg

And last but not least, 2 boxes of Ant-man and The Wasp. No Auto's but 2 nice sketches by Douglas Docelino (Wasp) and Cathy Razim (Spidey).

Thanks for looking.

100820h (Medium).jpg


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I LOVE those sketches from Ant-Man and The Wasp!
Not a big Star Wars person but that Sketch you got there too is super nice!
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