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  • if u want me to come around and take a pic of the card i can. i will post it up on here for u if u want
    hey i now have found myself a jack watts and a mitch brown dps for pretty cheap
    i listened to it on the way to melbourne, at least they r starting to play well for the whole game.
    i got the boxes in the mail 2 day, im going to poker 2nite but i will coome up and see u 2morrow if u want?
    hey mate, i got a reply from the guy with the TNA Boxes and he said that he posted them on friday so hopefully in the next couple of days we will be braking them.
    I will just be at home again looking after madison, ur welcome to come around if u want.i have just messaged the bloke about it, havent got a response yet but hopefully really \Ioon. i am also getting another 4 boxes of cards off him and hopefully they will be arriving this week so that we can have a big box break session.
    hey rooksy do u have 5 or 6 toploaders that i can buy from u? mine havent arrived yet and i have made a couple of deals 2night?
    Hey mate can you go on the other site and we can complete the deal because i don't have your details.
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