1X hobby of 2022 Bowman

If you are prospecting is this not just true by definition?

The vast majority of prospects, even good ones, will not work out. Thus, if they are a "big hit" they are most likely at the peak of their value and should be sold. In most cases once a prospect reaches "big hit" territory, especially, if they are still a long way from the majors, the card can only go down — or at least will experience periods where it is down from its "big hit" value.

Should you not be fading the "big hit" guys and buying guys you like, who for whatever reason (poor recent performance, injury, not a big name prospect) are not the "big hits".

(Of course, I'm not a baseball collector so actually have no idea what I am talking about!)
That part you quoted was more directed at just regular hits, not prospects.

My prospect will probably get dumped when he gets the next promotion
Just the 5K!. Well now I really hope he works out. I thought you'd spent about a Jumbo hobby box worth. That's impressive.

I've lost my Bowman prospecting touch. Probably never had it anyway :).

So about 70% of the stuff came back from US:

PSA Stuff (It's 3 deep at the gold level)





Ungraded Autos:



Bowman Paper Prospect "Rainbow" in progress


Pro debut Non-Chrome Autos/Colour


Chrome Colour (They didn't make Chrome Autos for RV)

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