2 x 2021-22 Bowman University Football Hobby Boxes

Iron Clad Lou

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So after all the draft hype, I wanted to bust a couple more of these boxes in the hope of nabbing a Stroud, Young, Nix, McCarthy, Penix auto.

It was not to be but they were good, fun boxes.

Box 1:

The Chromes. Good to get a Xavier Worthy. He will be a Mahomes target and will no doubt be a star.


The Numbered, Shimmer and Invictas

Another Olave /150 Invicta. I hit this in my first two boxes a year or two ago. Clifford /99 and Haener. At least they're QBs, although backups who will never play.

JJ McCarthy invicta very nice


The Autos:

Stingley Green /99 is not bad at all. He's a Stroud adjacent player. At least he's in the NFL.
Malik Cunningham would have been nice two years ago. Backup at Baltimore means he's no chance.

Now we get to the better box.

Box 2:

The Chromes. Bo Nix the only one to write home about here. Nice one


The Numbered Shimmer and Invictas proved average. Wydermyer is a Bill so thats ok and Gardner is a NFL gun.

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Box 2: The Big Kahuna Auto!

Reasonably tough hit! The more than a case hit, sadly of a nobody and worth fuck all :(

1:388 packs is nothing to sneeze about.

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Box 2: The Big, Big Kahuna

Hitting two case hits in the same box was excellent. Even better it was Bryce Young who should be heaps better this year!

1:288 packs is nothing to sneeze about again!

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Box 2: The Big Auto - Kyle Hamilton

Smashing the odds with a 1:3,224 pack auto. Even better it's a NFL gun, sadly not a QB but still a great player.

Funny enough this was in the same pack as the Bryce Young Big Kahuna!

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