1X hobby box of 2021/22 MVP and 2X Hobby boxes of 2021/22 UD Hockey Series 2


This is what a really nice box looks like. Nothing can come up to the first two boxes I broke at release which included a French Raymond YG and a McDavid Retro rookie threads but this is probably the best I’ve opened since then. It’s unusual to have as many SP cards as this in one box.
French YG, POE, black opc/100 and a black canvas. And it has a top 3 YG


box 4. Other than the stinky box one the other 3 were all better than average. Shame the Exclusive /100 was a vet but the YG Exclusive falls one per 5 cases and thus is a really tough hit. Getting a good name even harder. P.S. Looks I chose a weak product for my first ever sealed wax case. I won't beat myself up. Every hockey product in the last two years has dropped in value after release. It seemed a good idea at the time.


Here's something to ponder. Two of those boxes cost $60AUD each and two $75 AUD. Even though those were decent boxes you are still only getting back 40-50% of the box value. The YG's - and I hadn't looked for a while - have tanked hard since release. The Raymond is a $13USD card and the McTavish $15 USD. All the rest of the cards would not get you more than $10-$15 AUD.

I will say that it's alot more palatable breaking boxes that are less than $100 as opposed to those $200+. I'm done feeling sick opening wax and losing decent money. This is my new wheelhouse.
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