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Got 5X boxes of 2022-23 UD Hockey Series 1 from the recent Cherry sale. I've opened three. I had to as the first one was the worst hobby box of UD flagship I have ever opened. Even worse than the one on epack earlier this year which was also 2022-23 S1

Box 1. Usually there is one ok Young Guns. These are 6 duds.

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Box 3. Finally, after 8 boxes of this series( 7 from cherry and 1 from epack) I hit one of the top 3 guys. Boldy is the 2nd best name after Beniers. Unfortunately as is always the way the best card is ungradeable. It goes in the binder and we just have Beniers and Power to get.

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Couldn't resist. Supposed to open 3( and on the 3rd of September) but opened all 5.

Here's box 4. Another shocker. Some cool SP inserts including the acetate Clear Cut Foundations but no top 15 YG.

No box 4 photos. Unreal. Must have already deleted them from my phone as they were not on my laptop recycle bin

Anyway 6 dud young guns and the second worst box. Thought I'd go ahead and open number 5 and if it was another dud I would have been shattered. Thankfully it was the best by a long shot.
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Box 5. As good as you can hope for pretty much. Had the chase card plus another 2 Young Guns that are in the top 10. Also had a Canvas YG, A photo variation, and black parallel canvas. Really good box.

The biggest downer of all is that every decent YG card in all 5 boxes was damaged to some extent. Some so bad that you can't sell them if you wanted to. Anyway nice finish.

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