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  • Hi mate, yeh my thread did get deleted as i was informed tht i was posting to many threads. Thanks for the reply. I do want these cards but would it be possible that i do the trade in 2 weeks if you can wait that long as i'm actully on holidays, ive also got to post some trades, so if this is allright with you we'll go from there

    Cheers Mate
    Heh queenbee, noticed your trade thread had been deleted, I had mentioned I had FS1, and the following JDCs that you were chasing JDC 11, 35, 40, 51, 95, 134 and 170, if you still need them we can trade......let me know
    hey mate, i am still keen for this deal. do u mind waiting a few more weeks tho, unless u find the cards u wont in the mean time, its just a lil hard atm as im moving house next week and dont want my cards lost nor will i have the net on for a couple of weeks, cheers
    for sure mate, just let me know what you are after and i will see if i have it.
    i still have heaps of them commons, foils etc not many sketches though i actually need a couple myself as i traded some of my pc to get a really great card:thumbsup:

    Cheers dave
    I'm currently collecting the 2009 NRL Champions, do not have any doubles yet, would def be keen for a trade when i get some more
    Heh Queenbee, I do collect 2008 and 2009 Champions, I am currently updating my swap list with a stack of new stuff I have received. I would suggest you send me an email via with what you are chasing and I will see if I have anything you need, kk
    sorry mate, not really colecting the nrl cards but i have a few from last year

    i mainly get rooster players
    Hey Renae,
    Collecting the 09 series, have a box im gonna open on saturday, only bought ten packs the other day and got a soward foil sig and a payne gem card. no swaps as yet but when i sort it all out ill let you know
    would understand if ur not keen on that deal as im sure u would understand im happy to hang on to sig 23 for now. are u interested in the cronulla hf's
    will swap for pritchard and gordan. how do we do this and how do i pakage the cards correctly mate
    I have:

    Luke Priddis, Luke Lewis, Frank Puletua, Tony Puletua, Frank Pritchard, Michael Gordan, Luke Rooney, Trent Waterhouse, Rhys Wesser, Paul Aiton.
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