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  • Hi there,

    Yeah... we collect both AFL and NRL. We tend to sell more cards rather than trade via our website at - AFL Footy Cards and NRL Footy Cards

    We stick to the Series 2 cards... you can learn why by checking out some of the articles we've written in our newsletter archive. NRL Footy Card and AFL Footy Card Collectors

    Let me know if I can help with anything.

    Heh, I have started the trade thread, just ACK and I will get mine off tomorrow morning as indicated.

    Dave P
    Yeah I do, I have a lot of NRL Cards available on OZtion, link below as well as a tonne of base cards from the years ranging back to 2000, let me know if there are any cards that you like and what you have to offer and we will see if we can sort out a trade :)

    stormernumber1's items for sale on, online auction site
    Nah i dont collect 2008 champions, bought a few packs then gave up, just bought all the cards i wanted singurlaly, i will be collecting the Centenary set, it seems alot will so hopefully the trades will be flowing thick and fast. Always good to have NRL traders around TC and GL :)
    No worries. Just drop one of them and we will have a deal then! I'll wait until our first trade is finalised first as this is my first trade. Hope thats cool?
    Hey, i havent really got any other cards at the moment. I have gem cards 3 & 13 to trade, and im waiting on sportzmad to see if he still wants to trade nearly all my holo's. Im running out of cards to trade!!!!!!!
    Picked up another gold foil sig you need. Currently working on getting another sketch you need to. Hopefully i'll know soon.
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