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  • Mate, i've got onto a steve WAUGH card you won't have. It's been signed by Steve and apparently wasn't available to the public. If your interested send me your email again .

    P.S, do you have any contact details etc for steve WAUGH. I'm trying to get a few of his cards signed. I have an address for Mark WAUGH.

    cheers mate.
    Thank u 4 the cards Godfather. U are so kind to your family. Hope u r as happy as me. Cheers Ron
    Hi Dan
    You can have this reps Waugh card if u want it.(i have 2)
    How do u know?. Did u bid?. Oh! u only wanted the Waugh card i suppose. I'll post u a picture when i get them in about a month.
    Hey mate do you collect and trade 2008 NRL champion Series cards. I need a few more to complete my set.

    No Worries mate i am currently collecting Archie Jackson Cards as a mate an i are writing a book about him. I can do Hayden Bichel Symonds and Clarke sigs plus any inserts you need GM 1,2,3,4,5,8 all awards all trophies Bradman Waugh and the 16 WC cards. How did you go with the 2005 ESP set? did it turn up ok?
    Congrats on the signed set. Should put a thread up. Well to be honest, with the autos..... I only have Bracken from 2003. I've been concerntrating on Cigarette cards of late. And I sold my Clarke 2003 sig because needed the dosh. Im selling some non card items on the bay atm and should have close to $100 to blow.

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