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  • You posted in my wantlist that you need HF90-MacDougall but it's not on your wantlist. Do you still need this?
    Heya Queen...I have a spare Ben Farrar sketch if you still need it. Do you have any other inserts that i need atm?
    Hey Queenbee, i checked your wantlist again and there is still nothing i can give you. Even the sketch cards i was gonna trade for sig you have so im not much help to you at the moment. Sorry!!!
    Depends on what you are after, got no more 2008 champions except for a couple of foil sigs and a luke priddis gem card, have plenty to offer in other years or will have a spare box to open of the centenary cards and all will be swaps from that, we can prolly sort something out there.........:)
    Hey mate

    I only need the Creagh and Marshall gold sigs to complete the master set so unless you have them??? I have got 4 boxes of Centenary coming so i'll be keen to trade them when they come out
    Hey Renee, I bought them off Ian from, really nice guy and very helpful. I see you tried to trade with him as well. On top off that they get delivered to your door as well which is pretty cool. Might have some series one cards for you, im thinking of only chasing one chase set in the series one cards, probably the sig cards, but you will be the first person i tell. Talk soon Kelza
    Those cards from our previous trade arrived so i will have your holos from the next trade in the mail first thing in the morning (Wednesday)
    Hey Queenbee, how you doing. I checked your thread and i dont think i have any cards you need. Just for the record i have hf 19,78,151,171,172,176 AND 188. GFS 22,27 and 34 and GEM cards3,5 and 13. Have pre ordered 2 boxes of series 2 so i could have a few trades of them. Let us know if you need any cards.
    PS What about our poor Dragons!!!! Bloody referees!!!!!!!!
    Hey man

    I left feedback for our first trade. Tried to move it into 'completed' but i think you have to as you created the thread.. Did you get the SBW gem and the two holos yet?
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