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  • Hey mate just wondering are you collecting and trading NRL 2009 Champions series? If so can you let me know what you are trading and chasing and maybe we can work out a trade.

    yeah no worries mate,just let me know when your up and running again and we'll go from there!

    Cheers Mate!
    Hey mate, just wondering are we going to go through with this trade of the 5 holographic cards from NRL 2008 Champions series
    If you go to this website this will tell you what they expect around here with packaging cards. I took it straight off this site i just thought id post the web site here to make it easier for you. One other thing if you are a first time trader or have little amout of feedback score they prefer that you send first. I hope im making sense it should state that in here anyways. here is the website: - Announcements in Forum : New Member Intros
    I have:

    Luke Priddis, Luke Lewis, Frank Puletua, Tony Puletua, Frank Pritchard, Michael Gordan, Luke Rooney, Trent Waterhouse, Rhys Wesser, Paul Aiton.
    Hey there go the Kooris for starters. And secondly I have hf124, hf125,hf127, hf128,hf129, hf130, hf131, hf132,hf133, hf134. But i dont have any Penrith Signatures i have some from a few other teams but no Penrith.
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