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    For Sale/For Trade Player base/insert/RC lots

    Andrew Wiggins pics? Brain not working right or something trying to recall Lucky Dip
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    Wanted Andrew Wiggins patch cards

    What a card, don't have a nebula Spectra but love Spectras, hate they didn't get this on-card auto. Im sure outta my range though pricewise. Lovely to love at, a wish list type card here.
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    Wanted Andrew Wiggins patch cards

    Lovely, lovely card...thing is I've bought 2 Flawless nameplate /25 patches of both "G"s outta Wiggins on his jersey for $15 & $22 I think. The auto ones make the value go up yet the patches aren't no better than the non-autos. Still open to trying to get that purdy thang but I'm sure it is...
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    Wanted Andrew Wiggins patch cards

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    SOLD/TRADED Jamal Mashburn cards for sale. Let me know what you need

    Childhood drool is flowing from the side of my mouth. I loved Mash & PC's him as a kid & still even though I PC Wiggins only now Mash still has a place in my heart to where I'd break my rule & buy non-Wiggins. But there's no way i could buy the whole PC. There's about a dozen I'm interested in...
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    LOTS OF CARDS FOR SALE...........

    Ray Allen Tye Dye Patch Kareem Film Cell Iverson metal universe Prices? Got any Andrew Wiggins by the way?
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    Crooked seller -

    Know of him but never bought from him. You should be able to get a refund but sucks he's using all the tools of the trade to scam you out your refund. Another seller who'll cancel your bid if he thinks it isn't high enough & cancels best offers: captmpl2- 14 positive feedbacks, 5 negs & each...
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    Frank Ntilikina

    Got the Prizm rookie base along with Lonzo & Lauri
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    BDay Wish Post (Holy Grail Wiggins) humor involved

    If you root for dreams to come thru for ppl with no fam besides 8yr old daughter I single handedly raise, then donate a $1 toward my upcoming bday & maybe just maybe the Wiggins dream card I want that ends in 3 hrs 45 mins will come true & send PP to: Can't believe...
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    A tear will be shed when...

    True dat true dat. I unfortunately cap mine off at round $80 USD, though I haven't even spent that much ever. Think $65 is the most I've spent is $65-$70. I have 3 Immaculate Sneaker Swatches & 1 of the 3 is of the maple leaf shoes of Wiggins such as this relic. There's many shoe cards of his...
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    A tear will be shed when...

    Awesoone sentiments guys, all of which is so true.
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    Jacqui's Sales Thread (Autos, Jerseys, Patches) Updated 14 Jan 2018

    Kevin Durant 2012-13 Crusade Majestic Materials Prime 25/25 $35 Had I think the 07/25 of Durant like this back when he was on the Thunder & think I sold it for like $18 in a lot. Slappin myself still over that one but it was $18 I could use on my Wiggins PC which invest-wise sounds stupid to...
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    Official eBay seller shill / call out thread - fake cards, bad titles etc

    I suspected this with ice_blast for awhile now. I keep sales data on all relevant Wigs cards on eBay & while he has amazing cards of his, you see the same bidders over & over jacking the pricr up & his cards are always outta my range while if in another seller's hands I'd got the $80 buck...
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    Official eBay seller shill / call out thread - fake cards, bad titles etc

    Wow, card23hk & me have had multiple transactions, I never remember overpaying on my Wigs or if they were BINs. I'm gone read the rest of this thread then go check the items I bought from him & then reply at end of thread. Wow, cant believe he'd be doing that & that's absolute guilty as charged...