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Hi..Yossie gave me your ID as I have some star wars Star Wars, ESB & ROTJ common cards,
and he suggested that I may have some that you need, if so please PM
Cheers Ken
Hi Ritchy my inquiry is a bit out of the blue ive noticed you are always chasing/trading cards to complete sets ect. By any chance do you need any Scanlens RL cards ? I am chasing a fair few my self and i have shoe boxes full of Scanlens 1975 thru to 1991 all in excellent to NM. plus i also live in Sydney area Liverpool way Let me know what you think. thanks mate.
Regards Wayne
Hi Wayne, sorry its taken me a while to respond to your message as i've been away over Easter. I do need some 1975 rugby league cards with the white backs (not brown), but unfortunately i don't have any spares to swap at the moment. If you want to sell any could you send me a picture and how much you're asking? I also collect AFL and cricket cards if you have any. Thanks, Richard
Hey mate, pretty interested in hall of fame cards if you've got a price in mind.. Thanks Anthony
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