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WTB Rory Sloane Influential & Patrick Cripps influential. Please pm if anyone can help . Located Melbourne but happy to pay shipping $$$$
There is a Patrick Cripps Influential on ebay atm for 1499
Hi mate, what are you wanting to sell?

I use a dude in the states who is 100%. I think people in Oz dont realise how easy it is.
If interested you can hit me up.
I have 27 auctions running with them at the moment so I can show you the full process.

I am considering offering a service here to package up cards for consignment once per week.
Interested in your thoughts.
Really just looking to offload mostly stuff that isn't PC. Like a COMC set up really..
What are you wanting to offload?
I was in the same position and it has worked well for me.
Happy to help
Hi sir,
I’m writing to let u know that the shipping service to Australia is reopen, you u still want that card, we probably can finish the deal here
Hey mate, I have sent a few emails but haven't heard back
I had some sent your OR address via USA ebay seller/ebay global shipping and was hoping that i did the right thing.
They have been sent C/O Ja.au18
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