What we could expect for 2019 releases


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Secondary market sellers are probably still waiting for their stock to arrive. Maybe more listings on the socials once the kids in Vic are out from school.

Seems a couple of cards on eBay - a Mason Cox (Collingwood) MAGIC wildcard which disappeared pretty quickly. This one is still listed which you will enjoy @Scotty_WCE (but maybe not the listing price!)

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Good points - see what happens this afternoon. That's a ripper! :hearts:
They are looking to utilise facebook for the competitions or at least distribution of prize cards so that nay be delaying. Have a new marketing lady who is doing a better job advertising the cards but still really poor on communication as promised me a reply months ago after almost 6 mobths waiting for a reply from last lot of people lol
There's been a very noticeable difference in their social media presence so not surprised to hear it's a new lady. Heading in the right direction with more competitions etc., sort out the communication and they'll be flying.
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