NRL Elite Case Break #64 - RANDOM TEAM - COMPLETED!

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What's Breaking Live? - 2018 NRL Elite Case Break #64

When? - Friday Night if filled and payed in time

Cost for each spot in these Case Break is $135

Postage is already included in the price of a spot. All cards will be sent in sleeves and/or team bags with padding used and top loaders as required. All parcels will be bubble mailers.

Registered Post will be used for all parcels that include a serial numbered hit (Including Ruby Mojo)

If you wish to receive Registered Post for any other parcel, please notify me to organise payment ($3).

Payments are available via Paypal or Bank Deposit.
Paypal - (Friend/Family is always appreciated) :thumbsup:
Bank - Please PM if you require the Bank details.
I will continue to update the spot lists and highlight them green once payments are confirmed.

How it works:
Once all spots have sold, will be used to randomise both the spot list and the list of NRL teams 3 times. These two lists combined will determine which NRL teams are assigned to which participants. This draw will be recorded with time stamps and uploaded to YouTube with a link being provided shortly afterwards for anyone to view.

You are welcome to trade your teams once they have been assigned (Trading is definitely encouraged!). Please make sure any trade is confirmed by Diggaz Trading Cards before the live break begins.

After teams have been randomised a Live Break time will be established and passed on to all participants closer to the Break night. You will be able to view this live break directly from our YouTube Channel. If you don't make it to the Live Break it will still be uploaded onto YouTube for you to view at your own convenience.

During the Live Break, every card that is considered a “hit” will be held up for the camera. All “hits” will be distributed to participants based on the teams that were assigned to them. Base Cards are not considered “hits” and will not be distributed as a part of this break. This is to keep the postage costs and therefore the spot price as low as possible.

Exceptions to the Team Rule and Case Card-

The Case Card will be randomised between any teams that do not receive a serial numbered hit throughout the break. If every team has a numbered hit, all 16 teams will go into the random draw for the Case Card.

The Jillaroo Dally M Card will be allocated to the team that has the least amount of hits.

If the Golden Ticket Card is busted, we dance..... All teams in the Break will receive their cards from a complete Master Set Split.

If you have any further questions, please ask!

As always, if your team receives a redemption card in a Break (Jersey, Jersey/Signature, Ball Patch etc. I'm happy to go and redeem your card directly from TLA and send it out with your Break Cards.

NRL Elite Case Break #64


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