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Obviously not. Mar 9, 2013

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Sep 22, 2017 at 12:09 AM
    1. Gavin
      Michael, can you let me know as soon as you boxes available as would like to get a box + folder off you, can meet you in Penrith like last time.

      cheers, Gavin.
    2. Diggaz TC
      Diggaz TC
      Obviously not.
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    3. Diggaz TC
      Diggaz TC
      So, do people who are following me receive a message if i post here? If so, i'll start using this area to update what stock/products are in
    4. Parra_Fanailia
      Hi There :) I just had to say thats its nice that he old NRL teams havent been forgotten :)
    5. ChrisW77
      Tell me about it lol. I had all the late 80s early 90s when I was a kid. Hadn't looked them for 22yrs till Xmas 2009. Started pretty much from there I've nearly got all the collection for the Balmain Tigers/Wests Tigers. Although as you know new ones pop up all the time. Let me know which cards you need and if I see them or hear of them I'll let you know. Thanks. Chris
    6. ChrisW77
      Hey mate just wanted to say hello, I'm also a Balmain/Wests Tigers supporter. I'm collecting from 1988-onwards. Which cards are you collecting? Go the Tigers :). Chris.
    7. TheQueenBee
      Hey mate,
      Are you collecting and tradeing any of the 2008 - 2009 NRL Champions Series Cards??
      If so would you be interested in doing some trading??

      Cheers Mate!!
    8. Lt23
      True, hopefully he has a bright NBA future. Nice to see some more oz basketball fans.
    9. Lt23
      See your a Patty Mills fan. I love your season Progress thread. Wow, i cant believe he is injured. That sucks ay.
    10. Kelza
      Hey mate, could you just check if that feedback went through for you, while i was doing it the computer internet dropped out for some reason and im not sure if it went through.
    11. Kelza
      Guess just what showed up. 2 boxes of the centenary set WOOOOOHOOOOOO
    12. Coolidgee
      Yep still need creagh and marshall.You got em?
    13. bongman
      i only have the 3 foils Phelps,Slater & Grant

      do you want some double holofoils to make up the difference?
    14. bongman
      not selling the inserts atm except the ones i have doubles of & i think you have all of em

      will double check tonight to see if i have all 4 holos positive i have the first 3 just not 100% on which Puletua i have

      will let u know tonight
    15. bongman
      pretty sure i have all the holos you need
    16. bongman
      still need the Kite

      what u still chasing?
    17. Kelza
      Hey digeze, how are you matey. I dont know how old your list was but i was just going through your HF cards and i have a fair few. I had HF card numbers 9,10,16,17,19,34,79,80 and 82. Send us your wantlist and ill see if i have any more.
      PS Your not wrong about Rylsie getting sent off. I had him and Beau Scott in one fantasy league and Slater and Scott in another. Not happy!!!!
    18. Diggaz TC
      Diggaz TC
      No Worries.
    19. Diggaz TC
      Diggaz TC
      No worries
    20. Diggaz TC
      Diggaz TC
      No Problems, thanks for letting me know
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