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  • Michael, can you let me know as soon as you boxes available as would like to get a box + folder off you, can meet you in Penrith like last time.

    cheers, Gavin.
    So, do people who are following me receive a message if i post here? If so, i'll start using this area to update what stock/products are in
    Tell me about it lol. I had all the late 80s early 90s when I was a kid. Hadn't looked them for 22yrs till Xmas 2009. Started pretty much from there I've nearly got all the collection for the Balmain Tigers/Wests Tigers. Although as you know new ones pop up all the time. Let me know which cards you need and if I see them or hear of them I'll let you know. Thanks. Chris
    Hey mate just wanted to say hello, I'm also a Balmain/Wests Tigers supporter. I'm collecting from 1988-onwards. Which cards are you collecting? Go the Tigers :). Chris.
    Hey mate,
    Are you collecting and tradeing any of the 2008 - 2009 NRL Champions Series Cards??
    If so would you be interested in doing some trading??

    Cheers Mate!!
    True, hopefully he has a bright NBA future. Nice to see some more oz basketball fans.
    See your a Patty Mills fan. I love your season Progress thread. Wow, i cant believe he is injured. That sucks ay.
    Hey mate, could you just check if that feedback went through for you, while i was doing it the computer internet dropped out for some reason and im not sure if it went through.
    i only have the 3 foils Phelps,Slater & Grant

    do you want some double holofoils to make up the difference?
    not selling the inserts atm except the ones i have doubles of & i think you have all of em

    will double check tonight to see if i have all 4 holos positive i have the first 3 just not 100% on which Puletua i have

    will let u know tonight
    Hey digeze, how are you matey. I dont know how old your list was but i was just going through your HF cards and i have a fair few. I had HF card numbers 9,10,16,17,19,34,79,80 and 82. Send us your wantlist and ill see if i have any more.
    PS Your not wrong about Rylsie getting sent off. I had him and Beau Scott in one fantasy league and Slater and Scott in another. Not happy!!!!
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