Not an average mailday!


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No idea what god I lined up with and how I must have impressed them, however when the Chief of War and Finance came in the door a few nights ago, she said there was a package in her hand for me.

As soon as I saw what she had, I knew who it was from but WHY? I can honestly tell you I can't remember having a redeption of this person nor do I remember ever being happy to get one.

There is only one small issue with this ghost card, it't not game used or player affiliated. Other than that, I couldn't be happier.


Nice card! Not a bad surprise!

Anyway, I checked Panini and its not in my list of things owed or was owed to me. REDEMPTION of the 8 other cards I had to take a flyer on as they were not signed. I got rubbish in return so I do not feel bad in the slightest. Like I said, there was some card god looking over my acct and realized that I was owed! :)

Sue said to leave it in the safe and forget about it. For once I am going to listen as I have pissed away so many nice cards.....

Thanks for the love... hahahahahahaha =D>:hearts::cool:
Glad you got a card you liked and not to rain on your parade but man Panini is scum "the enclosed officially licensed material is not associated with any player, game or event".
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