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Slowly getting around to some more images of cards - these take up the most space - so thought I'd better get them sorted first. Lower grades, second tier grading companies and even some lesser names - but hang aroudn tot eh end and there might be at least one decent card to have a look at.

I might kick off with the er, more obsure grading companies.... All players I used to like and just thought I'd see some variety. Cracking and re-slabbing might be an interesting hustle, see how well these smaller graders actually grade.

Kerry KIttles 1996-97 Fleer Ultra Encore Rookies RC - As a kid I used to like Kerry Kitles and Ed O'Bannon as I followed the old NJ Nets (I actually worte them a letter to them and they sent me back a fair few goodies which was quite impressive). As for, they;re no longer in business as you might have guessed. Cases feel really light and flimsy and the perforated label edge doesn't echo quality...note the 'USA' branding though in the bottom right. Encore cards look really nice imo, holofoil accents always dance well in the light. Card itself looks pretty tight, centering likely the main issue.

Latrell Sprewell 1992-93 Topps RC - I remember busting a fair bit of this product back in the day, I always liked the rookies and the '92 Draft Pick gold foil stamping which I thoguht looked pretty classy in that stylised font. Was never a huge Sprwell fan following the 'choking incident' and turning down fairly decent contracts because 'he had a family to feed' but you can't question the talent and the hustle coming in as a late first rounder. As for Mint grading, they're no longer around although MNT gradign is and there's also ($2 per card if you don't like the grade and don't want it slabbed!). The card itself does look pretty sharp - wouldn;t be surpised if ti graded well at one of the big boys.


Dwight Howard 2004-05 Topps Luxury Box RC -
I actually opened one hobby pack of Luxury Box on its release, and quickly vowed to never spend my hard cash earned that way ever again - lol they do make some nice looking card sthough, can tell they're efinitely higher end. FGS stands for Finest Grading Service and they apepar to have one of the dodgier backgrounds in the industry. Label looks very amateurish but one godo thing I;ll say is that thir slabs are actually embossed with the word Finest on the reverse side wehre the label is and an embosed sylised F on the front where the label is. Adds a nice touch. As for Dwight, still not sure why he still isn't in the NBA - stretch 5s can't be at that much of a premium!


Matisse Thybulle 2019 - 2020 Panini Mosaic RC - Don't judge me! Pretty sure I picked this up for less than the cost of the plastic itself.... I really like the way he gets after it defensively, fave Boomer for sure!


......and quite obviously the same card which is a whole two grades better. Not sure I can see it to be perfectly honest. Centering is better and the edges, but not two whole grades better!


Matisse Thybulle 2019-2020 Panini Prizm RC -
We all know the centering and surface issues the modern Prizm cards have, so just wnated to pick up one in decent condition


Now moving on to some early 90s junk wax goodness....

Shawn Kemp 1990 - 1991 Skybox RC -
Such iconic cards which were my first introduction to collecting, wanted to have some Reign Man RCs in good condition for the nostalgia factor. My brother used to like the old Payton / Kemp duo - and some of those crazy tomwhawk dunks used to feature pretty rpegualrly on the top 10 countdown. I must say I do like the CSG / CGC slabs quite a lot, labelling leaves a bit to be desired, but so does PSA - that red label is a shocker imo.



...and tossing in an iconic Kemp Hoops RC for good measure (yes, I have the Fleer as well) #bringbackthesonics

Larry Johnson 1991 - 92 Upper Deck RC -
After Kemp, came Granmama! Those young Horents teams had quite the following. Pre-injury Hornet LJ was quite the beast!


Time for the obligatory skip20 randomness....

Corey Maggette 1999 - 00 Topps Finest RC /2000 - One of the more productive players who never really achieved any success (only made the playoffs once) or hobby love. He does have one of the better nicknames in hsitory though I won't explain it here, but this article pretty much sums everything up: Tehse finest rookeis look real nice and godl foil stamping on the revers is big, bold and memorable. In case you were wondering the sub-grades had surface was an 8 which dragged the overall grade down.


Eric Gordon 2008 - 09 Topps RC -
Hard to beelive this guy is still starting on an NBA team with title aspirations. Jsut wanted to pick upa card of a guy who ruined multiple season of keepr league fantasy basketball for me with his eratic shooting displays... Interesting fact, bro and I used to call him the Chipmunk Assassin lol He really balled out in his third season and was the main piece in the trade which brought CP3 to LAC. As for BCCG you can tell the slabs, label and the whole product is of of a much lower quality. Would be interested to hear how much faith other collectors have in a BCCG10 grade.

Speaking of BCCG and under-sized scoring prowess, thsi rigns me onto.....

Monta Ellis Topps 1952 Style RC - A guy who often gets over-looked or forgotten on those run n gun Warriors squads. I really apprecaite the effort the put into designing these retro looking cards, definitely not a 10 though, centering is clearly off a bit.

Continuing on with some more.....

*****Slobby - Trigger Warning!*****

Scottie Pippen 1997 - 98 Topps Chrome - Topps 40 -
But for the centering, a near perfect card. Must have picked this up cheap, PSA7 is even a bit below my medicore standards! Really nice finish on these though and can never go wrong with Bulls Pippen card.


Lamar Odom 1999 - 00 Fleer Focus RC /3000 -
I can live with a PSA8 though! Nice red foil! For some reason I've been picking up a ton of Odom in recent times.....


I should have posted this in th early 90s section....

Tim Hardaway 1990- 91 Skybox RC - Notoriously difficult to grade well, just wanted a nice copy of a Tim Bug. The UTEP 2 STEP was what it was all about for time, the most iconic killer crossover of all time?! For those feeling nostalgic or those too young to have wtnesed the dub step first hand:


Jermaine O'Neal 1996 - 97 Skybox Premium RC -
I have a soft spot for Skybox Premium - always very innovative and produce top notch stuff. As for Jermaine O'Neal he had 6 years at the top level as an all-star and 3 All-NBA selections. I don't have much of his stuff in my collection, so thought I'd pick this up. One fo the first big name high-schoolers to follow KG into he NBA as a first rounder.


Tracey McGrady 1997-98 Bowman's Best - Best Picks RC -
Drafted in 1997 straight after Jermaine O'Neal and obvioulsy had a slightly better career. I really appreciate how they incorproated the 'holes' intot his card to give it a different aspect and appeal. Really blingy finish too. I never pcked up much early T-Mac stuff, wasn;t a big beleiver in the hgih schoold draftees. I wonder if each hole impacts on the surfac and edge score?


I have multiple copies of each fo these, but what can I say, I like the players and I like rookie cards. Skybox Premium logo is messed up for the AI but the RAy Ray is a real clean looking card.

Allen Iverson 1996-97 Skybox Premium RC



Carmelo Anthony 2003-04 Upper Deck Victory RC -
Nothing high end about this but always liked the look of the Victory cards and I didn;t much Melo in the PC, so why not? Gold label would have gone nicely with the card....just saying. I guess a black label woudl have been even nicer - lol


Kevin Durant 2007 - 08 Fleer Ultra RC -
I took a gamble on this because I thought the condition looked good and overpaid for BCCG 10 prices, but ti does look alright in hand, top right and bootom left corners being the main concerns. Still happy to keep it in the PC so not overly concerned either way. Great looking card withteh green background, iconci soncs jersey and classic rookie suit and cap pose of one of the all-tiem greats. Just wish he'd pick a team and stick with it!


Well that's all for now, thansk for stopping by and having a look and a read. Likes and comments always appreciated, so thnaks in advance to the OZCT regualrs.

Some cracking names of the game there.
Can't go past the expression on AI's face on that card though :D

Picture makes the card in all honesty. If they had a card of AI with a pic of him at the press conference talking about practice I'd 100% buy that! Come to think of it, why is there no card of him with a picture of him stepping over Tyronn Lue?


Other peoples maildays make me buy cards!!!!!!

Seth Meyers Ugh GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

Somehow I think the sun rising tomorrow would make you want to buy more cards too.... lol

I think I can't past your nickname for Eric Gordon...Chipmunk Assassin! Love it :lol:

Eric Gordon was actually Chipmunk Assassin II, the original was the lesser known Ed Gray who was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks back in 1997. Check him out!

So many cool cards there. Can never have too much 90s goodness.

Certainly an interesting assortment of grading companies.
That T-Mac raptors card is awesome. I always appreciate a good t-Mac or bc raptors card. Besides that there are a lot of other cool cards in there as well
So many cool cards there. Can never have too much 90s goodness.

Certainly an interesting assortment of grading companies.
The history of those grading companies ws just about as interesting as the cards themselves when you have a look into it....

I must be an old geezer, because I just don't find the modern game as appealing as back in the day. Low post scoring, actualy defense and a bit more physicality made it good to watch imo. Just my opinion, but watching 7 footres shoot 3s should be more of a novelty rather than a necessity - lol

That T-Mac raptors card is awesome. I always appreciate a good t-Mac or bc raptors card. Besides that there are a lot of other cool cards in there as well
Thansk Adrian, mot too many highly valuable cards, but they don't have to be. these cards bring back memories which is a big part of why I collect the cards that i do.

Raptors huh? That reminds me I need to pick up a nice graded Vinsanity and Mighty Mouse at some point in time!
Raptors huh? That reminds me I need to pick up a nice graded Vinsanity and Mighty Mouse at some point in time!
You and me both hahahaha missed out on a dunk n go nuts McGrady as I had to go to a meeting psa 9 went for only $265. Made me realise more why meetings suck. When I came out and realised i went home sick hahaha
You and me both hahahaha missed out on a dunk n go nuts McGrady as I had to go to a meeting psa 9 went for only $265. Made me realise more why meetings suck. When I came out and realised i went home sick hahaha
Dang - that one card woudl have dominaed this entire mailday - lol Iconic cards for sure those old Dunk n Go Nuts - acetate rules over all!
eric gordon doing his best clarence weatherspoon lookalike impression in that pic!! great haul!!
Not quite Bledsoe as Mini-Lebron, but Mini-Spoon is better than nothing I suppose.... I think Clarence might be better off being known as Big Ed.

Plenty of non-graded stuff to come - don't stress!
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