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I collected mostly baseball cards while growing up in Arizona in the 80s. I also collected football cards for one season (1985) when the Bears ruled the NFL (still the greatest team I’ve ever seen). And a few basketball cards too.

I stopped collecting in the early 90s and moved on to college, then working, getting married, etc.

Moved to Brisbane in 2009. Shipped my collection down here but it stayed in the back of my closet until 2 months ago when we moved out temporarily while our home was being re-modeled. I pulled out my collection and took an inventory of it to sell it. But while doing that, I discovered that Topps was selling NBL cards. I decided to buy some. Then I discovered the hype surrounding Wemby rookie cards and… well, I’m a collector again! mainly NBA and NBL but a little bit of NFL too.

Are there many collectors here in Oz who care about baseball at all?

Anyway, looking forward to dabbling in the hobby with you guys.

Welcome mate.

Got a guy at my work originally from the US and back when he was a kid (70's & 80's) he used to but box sets (mostly baseball and some NFL i think) with his paper round money. After having a chat with him, he's now preparing to try and have them all shipped here.

All of his boxed sets are still sealed to this day.
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