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Hello everyone. Like a lot of people I collected afl and nba cards in the mid 90's and now have rediscovered this wonderful hobby.
I bought a few afl boxes over the past few months to celebrate the end of a tough year and really enjoyed the feeling and will continue.
Maybe I'll look at getting back into nba cards but for now the afl will suit me fine.

It's great to find a site like this and I've been going over a few old threads to try and educate myself a little on all the stuff I've missed in the past few decades.
thats the spirit Luka, collecting AFL is pimping
head over to the AFL section and jump in
welcome to the group mate!
Thanks for the welcome. Yep I live in China with my pregnant wife and 2 cats. It's hasn't been the best place the past few years but hopefully this year is better. I get my boxes shipped to my parents house in Perth and I should be back regularly enough to keep updating the collection.
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