Card Crazy Ultra Golds

Ah u have the 1 version of the ultra gold I don't have!
As for album, yeah they were hand written and the odd one got missed being signed and some have worn off.
I am also after a 96 cc union album.
Yeah good luck with printers proofs, it took me 10 years!!! And I had busted many cases when I had the stores
I'm chasing a 96 Union album myself actually.
There is a guy on here, not sure of his username but I do believe he had a few of the players edition available a while ago... will try to put you in touch with him.
The union set was never a big priority for me, I only started as I got a box cheap but now it's one of those ones I really want to finish as well :)
I have a numbered album but no sig anywhere I can see, must have been missed or worn off over the years I guess
Hi chrisnz,
Thanks for the link I did check out cards and there are some nice cards at this site, however the Zinzan Brooke ultra gold is not a genuine ultra gold pulled from packs. It's a fake of sorts.
The futera stamped ultra golds were released at a later date not in packs as a promo and some given to futera staff members,
The card pictured on this site has a stamp on it. Really worth no more than $50. I have similar ones already. I have sent site email to inform them. They may have traded from someone thinking it's a real one when it's not, who knows??
As I mentioned in early messages I was a franchise of card crazy and knew Kevin and Jeff well who owned card crazy and remember some of there ideas they put into practice!
But thanks for adding site
Interesting. Is there a check list for "futera stamped" ultra golds?
Hi guys just letting you know I've listed a rare set of card crazy printers proofs on eBay, also will have Ineda All Blacks cards signature series all serial number ones!!!!
Time to let some of my rare cards go.
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