SOLD/TRADED 90's AFL cards + 2008-2023 + tazos random lot


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For sale my football card collection, mostly from the 90's and late 2000's to 2023.
Pickup from Bayswater, VIC a few minutes from Knox City shopping centre is preferred, postage would likely be $30+ so probably not worth it.
Asking $50

1994 Dynamic Marketing - About 200 cards + 3 x different 4UP uncut sheets and 13 x 2UP uncut sheets (5 different types)
1994 AFL Sensation - About 30 cards
1994 Cazaly Classics - Full set 100 cards + checklist, about 100 spares
1994 Select - about 150 cards
1995 Select - about 100 cards, Club Captains (Ben Allan, Roger Merret)
Tazos and similar - about 100 tazos from 2006 - 2010, a couple of footy kickers (CC's packets, 2008 or 2009), and some pog types that came out of coke cups at the footy from 1994 and 1995
Some 1990 Stimorol cards in acceptable condition, not many maybe 20, plus about 200 from 1989 and 1990 stimorol with creases, pen marks etc..
A few hundred cards from Select years 2008 - 2023, mostly from 2017 onwards. About 40 inserts and 40 parallels
Maybe a hundred Herald Sun cards, mostly 2008 plus some inserts 5 x Rising Stars from 2007 and a Sharpshooter from 2009

All the cards come in a large 3200pc count card box.
Also includes 50 brand new Ultra Pro Platinum Series 9 pocket pages and a pack of 100 Ultra Pro Platinum Series card sleeves.

Not all of these cards are in mint condition, if you're interested let me know and I can take a closer look at them and provide more photos.





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