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Hi Guys;
I'm Chasing a Few Card Crazy items;
1995 Union Ultra Gold J Lomu
1996 Union Ultra Gold Z Brooke
1995 League Ultra Gold M Ridge

1996 Superstars of union Album

also any card crazy magazines in good condition.

Have thousands of NBA cards to trade include 100's of Jordans
Heaps mate :) Mainly tring to finish a few ESP sets at the moment that are in my signature and some Manly stuff.
The other stuff I'm after is to much to make a thread at this stage :)
Mmmm ESP, think I have about 52 sets and may be 600 singles left.
Traders about 25 sets and 800 singles
2012 ltd.... A fair amount of that too.
Then have thousands of commons from some sets from 1993 thru to 2013
Holy hell! Sounds like my commons from NZ!
I have 5 x 5000 count boxes from 1990 - 2013
2012 Limited parallel cards would spin my wheels if you have any? I still need a fair few for the set and tring to pick the odd one up here and there
I wouldn't class them as mint but then I am very hesitant to class anything as mint to be honest. I would go with good.
Corners aren't perfectly square but no major creases etc.
If you like I can get them up to you on monday and let you see what you think of them?
THen we can see how they go when the LE's arrive?
Other limited are going to arrive over a 3 month period as I brought a large amount of ex card store stock and am paying it off over 6 installments . We are talking thousands and thousands of cards from futera to ESP. Let's just say the shipping alone is going to be over 1000 if not 2, to 3k.
I know there is going to be 7 cases of unopened 2012 in the lot
A lot of it coming from chch and rest from Akld.
I use to own Card crazy stores I Lower Hutt, Porirua, Wgtn and Upper Hutt.
I also have about 15,000 Ineda all blacks cards and over 500 signature cards from Ineda as well as printers proofs etc.
I'm always after nz union cards
I remember being a young kid hitting the Card Crazy store in Linwood, Chch and thinking all my xmas's had come at once!
I'd love to get my hands on some of their stuff.
I'm still chasing some copies of the card crazy magazine, Ultra Golds, Printers Proofs etc...
Started out with a lot of promise but ended so quickly! Mind you Dynamic and the NRL/Super League war were doing their best to kill collecting everywhere at that stage too
My mate was editor for first couple of issues.
Printers proof from 95 card crazy league has been the hardest set for me to ever complete. With only 20 of each card ever made and 1:240 packs it was a bitch.
I believe I have 1 of only 3 known sets to exist at this stage. You sometimes see a single come up for sale but very rare and they always sell for around $35 each
I've completed the following
Shit thats not bad!
Actually you may be able to help me....
1995 CC League series, whats with some folders being numbered and some not?
I currently have the cricket series complete minus the Ultra Gold
1995 CC League minus the printers proofs and Ultra Gold
and 1996 minus the Ultra Gold
The closest I have to an Ultra Gold is a Sean Hoppe Players Edition
I've managed to do the odd trade for an Printers Proof and purchase the odd one on ebay but I only have about 5 out of 90... still got a long way to go!
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