150 card 2018 Topps Silver Pack set.


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Not exactly mail day but it's my favourite piece and would like to show it. Prior to 2019 you had to buy the silver packs separately from the hobby or jumbo boxes of Topps baseball. In 2019 they started putting one pack in a hobby box and two in a jumbo. I really liked the cards and through comc put together the 3 sets of 50. Topps series 1, 2 and update.

I can't ever see myself parting with this.

Series 1 is in the mojo pattern. Series 2 is like a classic refractor/Optic look. And Update is in the prism/snakeskin refractor style. Best cards are the two Ohtani cards -especially the one in update, Acuna Jr, and Soto. The Soto isn't shown as I graded it. It got a PSA9 and will eventually be cracked out. There's some cool veteran cards besides the rookies. Hope you enjoy it.

Fun fact. At the time of putting this together in early 2019 the Acuna was the most expensive card at $18 USD the Soto( not pictured) at $15 and Gleyber at $8. The Ohtani Update card cost a whopping $4.

The Ohtani pitching card which I pulled was $20 at release but more like $5 in early 2019.

Not exactly a valuable set now( maybe $200) but it was a fun set to collect and stoked to have it in the collection.

2018 was a good vintage.
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