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    Looking for Game of Thrones Autograph Cards

    Prices are out of date - but do a search for Game at my autos list -
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    Evolution 2016 - looking to trade

    I broke a couple of cases of this. When you have run out of people to trade with, maybe we could do a bulk inserts buy (or trade upgrade if you have something I can on-sell). I have 5 of the lenticular you want, 2 of the stained glass. I also have a couple of the short prints, but will probably...
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    Case of season 5 Game of Thrones

    I would take a Charles Hall sketch over an auto without thinking about it. I got two rarer autos (Siddig and Harington) and the dragonglass, and still think your case was much better
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    Game of Thrones S5, Spellcasters and SW Evolution

    Went away for 10 days and came back to lots of cards waiting to be opened. One case Game of Thrones season 5, 4 sets of Perna Spellcasters and 2 cases of Star Wars Evolution. Very exciting and the first cards I have opened for ages. The Game of Thrones case delivered the expected very nice set...
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    Topps Star Wars Card Trader App ?

    I'm still slogging away on posters - some are great and some are terrible but not much longer to go. I also did (at last minute) the collage vehicles and am doing tagged. I have been taking advantage of the 'exclusive offers' (not so exclusive) and buying credits recently so tried out a few...
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    1 x Box of Women of Legend

    Sumbing does nice work - congratulations
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    Rittenhouse no longer doing Marvel sets...

    I see you are listed as currently working in Japan. I am currently working in Northern Ireland, so hardly ever on the site :)
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    DC Women of Legend

    If nobody else wants the DC WoL, I will take the sealed box at that price. However, I would need you to open it and just send me the hits because I am in the UK.
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    Topps Star Wars Card Trader App ?

    yes, I did posters but otherwise nothing recent looks interesting. Lots of good Clone Wars sets, but I don't do CW. I am looking forward to being able to collect credits for a while and just finishing the marathon waves
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    Topps Star Wars Card Trader App ?

    Is it always for the same rarer card? If so, you are on the blind trade list for that card and a bunch of newbies who don't know how to trade yet are using the Topps trade mechanism to find you. Lock the card (or trade it 1:1 with someone) and it should stop
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    Topps Star Wars Card Trader App ?

    So anyone doing the new Walking Dead app?
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    Topps Star Wars Card Trader App ?

    I have lots of spare schematics already. Do you have something else? Also, they use a bit of metal (3?) so you can take my 5x if you need it - you will need to find someone with lots of singles and trade it for 4 singles. Set up the trade since I have no idea what you want to keep or not. You...
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    Topps Star Wars Card Trader App ?

    Who was it who was looking for the grey AT-AT schematic? I pulled one today and I have already traded/melded so it is available
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    Topps Star Wars Card Trader App ?

    +1 this, I will do the 2% if I happen to have close to the requirements. Unlike you though, for me, inserts are the good cards because they have different images. I don't really need 20 different cards of the same shot with different colour backgrounds even if it's my favourite character. You're...
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    Topps Star Wars Card Trader App ?

    yes, i'm ignoring them completely - I haven't even finished my green and orange sets and I'm certainly not going to burn inserts that I like to trade for base cards that will then be melted.