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Mid way through this year I pulled a redemption card of Demetrious Johnson from 2016 Museum Collection and didn't think much of it. I submitted it to Topps and realized it was a 1/1 on card auto which will stay in my PC forever.

About a week ago I received an e-mail from Topps telling me my Redemption card replacement of a 2018 Knockout relic book auto /5 was on it's way. I got so angry thinking of how bad Topps had screwed me especially from turning my 1/1 on card auto into a /5 sticker auto, I sent them an e-mail telling them what my thoughts were.
I searched to see if there had been any getting sold recently and found this for only $100 US which made me even angrier.

The next was a little more, $127.50 US. I calmed down a bit thinking maybe I can sell mine and get around $180 AU for it. I suppose I can be happy with $180.

Well, mine arrived today. I opened it in disgust, wondering what kind of patch I had gotten. My main thought was it being a plain one colour black patch. To my surprise, I saw the last bit of material I expected to see on this card. After all this, I think I might actually keep this bad boy =D>
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