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Your little man sounds like a sealed wax merchant already. Amazing self control.

I guess you could keep the 15/16 flagship, the Fleer and the older SPA sealed. Not sure there is much upside in keeping the newer stuff sealed. They have printed it to death.
He sure is. Just waiting for him to rip his Christmas presents on his own terms.
The main event pack. 15-16 Series 1.
Looking for that high gloss McDavid YG.
got trolled twice with the Oilers logo. Don't think he had any landscape cards in this set.

Fun rip overall. Not often we get a shot at the big boi packs these days.
Good stuff. I probably should get a boom box one of these days. From memory the shipping was $20USD so the whole thing was closer to $200AUD than $100AUD. Might even be more than $200. I haven't looked at their site for a long time but they had some killer packs on there.

Seeing your 23/24 pack made me think I forgot to post my 1 hobby box of that. I paid $200AUD and my best YG was Jacob Pelletier which is pretty bad. I do like some of the new inserts though and the outburst silvers are also pretty nice. I hit an exclusive/100 but not a good name. It's always the way. You get a box with a good SP but it's a dud.

I think I've hit 4 or 5 YG High glosses since 2017 and they were pretty much the worst rookies in the product. Would love to hit a decent one. Someone hit a Jack Hughes YG High Gloss with some loose packs on epack back in the day. That would be epic.

Thanks for sharing!
I've had a good run with 23-24 S1 but the Bedard SP eludes me. I've got all YG except for Luke Hughes. Edvinsson Red outburst was by far my best hit from any flagship set until I get that McDavid one day.
That Edvinsson is an absolute beauty.

The SP hunt will soon be an afterthought I reckon. Once all the 2023-24 products start releasing that card will plummet in value. I'd rather have his MVP base rookie than that card. Each to their own of course but I don't see a great deal of appeal in that card even though it is SP.

Good luck with the McDavid hunt but I think now might be the perfect time to buy it. His cards have dropped by 40% from peak and even though the Oilers have underwhelmed as has McDavid he still looks the real thing. Bedard will almost certainly have 5X if not more the amount of base YG's that McDavid has. That alone should put a ceiling on Bedard's YG but fomo will drive that card through the roof. When things settle people will come to their senses and realise they massively overpaid and McDavid's card will rise in relation to Bedard's.

There's my 'hot tip' lol.

Disclaimer: I've got so many of these things wrong. Would've bet the house that Ohtani was a hobby bust at the end of 2020.
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