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Thought I'd try my luck on a Hockey mystery box after coming across this in one of my YouTube loops. With a one-time discount this set me back $245aud. The main chase for me was from the 2015-16 UD Series One looking for Connor McDavid Young Guns RC.
This box also had a 16-17 pack with Auston Matthews.

I'd probably just save my $$ for several months and treat myself to a hobby box next time.

Posting all the cards.. Did not go hitless technically but that is the risk with these older packs.

All cards available for set builders out there.

The Rookie Silhouette from Crown are one of my favourite RPA cards in the hobby. Some designs I've preferred over NT especially the Prime Silhouette with really great patches. I have no faith in getting anything back for this old expired redemption.
It's really tough to hit single packs from 24 pack boxes of UD Series, went 2/2 of the base insert packs. 2 hits would have been decent if they were both live.

My box or 2022-23 Artifacts just arrived so I'll have something to rip to quickly get over this.
Not a huge fan of the mystery boxes. I like seeing them opened on YT channels but they are mostly duds. Busting a single box is difficult enough. A random assortment of packs is really tough - especially when you're paying up for a chance at a big card.

I loved opening 2019-20 SPA when it was 130USD per box. I even hit an inscribed FWA and a Black FWA in one box. They were both duds. The inscribed was Matt Roy from the KIngs and the Black FWA was Ryan Kuffner who was already an UFA when I hit him. I did hit Suzuki, though. That was a nice pull. Great design.

Maybe call UD and see if they have a Brannstrom FWA lying around.
2021-22 SPA will be absolutely brutal when the redemptions expire. The majority of the best FWA's are redemptions. And given that UD are still playing catch up I fully expect that to continue for 2022-23 and 2023-24. SPA
Your little man sounds like a sealed wax merchant already. Amazing self control.

I guess you could keep the 15/16 flagship, the Fleer and the older SPA sealed. Not sure there is much upside in keeping the newer stuff sealed. They have printed it to death.
21-22 Ice
Got a hit!! and a Rip card. Which had a base Kopari mini acetate. Sad really, they should all be atleast numbered if they are being counted as a "hit" for this product with no guaranteed auto.
The main event pack. 15-16 Series 1.
Looking for that high gloss McDavid YG.
got trolled twice with the Oilers logo. Don't think he had any landscape cards in this set.

Fun rip overall. Not often we get a shot at the big boi packs these days.
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