NRL OCT 2015 SuperCoach - **IT'S OVER**



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Feb 12, 2009
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MASSIVE congrats to Scott for not only winning the OCT comp but coming 65th overall. Great achievement. Although my Test Eagles were well down the ladder and had an ordinary year, it was a pleasure (and often a headache) to play in such a strong league ranked in the top 3% of leagues and top 7 overall points coming 3500 or less. Well done guys!
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Aug 27, 2008
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Thanks All,

Great comp, 297th out of 111k is pretty good with a few rookies on board as well. It was incredibly even with many matches coming down to "the bounce of the ball". Congrats to ScottE for winning and also on his great overall result.......if only I had put the C on Tedesco.

I hope everyone backs up next season as a close and full comp was certainly a good comp. Prizes as follows:

G/Final winner = Shake & Bake (Paid out)
Runner Up = Darth Raider (Paid Out)
Prelim Finalists = Penetrators (Paid Out) / Bunch of Waqas (Paid Out)
Minor Premiers = The Juggernaut (Paid Out)
Bottom 8 Grand Final winner = Almond Tofu

I sent everyone a PM but if your owed a prize and didn't see it PM me your details.

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