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  • Hi, I noticed a message a while back about a Jennifer Hawkins Knights card you had and maybe sell, do you still have this?
    Thanks. L
    yeah saw the free-kick, from memory it just went over the bar, a bit lower and the keeper had no chance!

    Do you need any position cards on FUT11??
    wow nice goal! Missed the first half as i was driving back from the cricket!

    Jedinak 2 goals and 2 games.. starting to find his form!
    Hey Bud, Gee whiz, has it really been this long? Things haven't been great at all inmany ways, which I won't eloborate on at the moment. I just logged back on today and setting up my PC again and scanner, going to move some of my collection I have amassed over the years. Speak soon and thanks for the thoughts. Mike.
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