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  • hey mate
    just wondering if you got my pm. all those cards are still for trade except i have misplaced the sensations gem. Although on the other side of the scale i would trade the superstar gem for just the team of the year card pm me back
    Hey ross,I have many 1967 cards to trade or sell.Im after 1967mirror wests team photo(colour) and THE SUN elton rasmussen(stgeorge).I have johnny king,reg gasnier,greame langlands,billy smith,john raper(st george).PM me if interested.Will check my messages on tuesday,thanx leftie
    Ethan and I are only going to collect Eels cards this year. How is the best way to do this? Unfortunately I can see the temptation for Ethan to buy packs at the paper shop each Sunday. I was thinking of buy a couple of boxes, taking what Parra cards I get and selling the inserts. Is this a good, cost effective idea? Where and for approx how much can you buy boxes of cards? My local paper shop will sell them to me for $95.
    Hobo, we were discussing a possible trade a few weeks ago, i was giving you three jdc's for FS8 from 2008. I asked for your address but i never got it.........do u still need JDC 17, 27 and 184...........LMK
    I have a few 2009 foli jerseys that you need:

    i need the following cards of yours:

    2008 holofoil cards: 85, 87,
    2009 jersey: 23.52.191
    FS: FS14

    ound ok?
    Hey mate i recieved your cards today. Thanks heaps for that. I'll post mine off tommorow. I'll leave you feedback now.

    Cheers buddy!!
    Hey mate i like how you displayed your pic on that gem card looks great. Not to mentiuon the team you picked go the dragons aye. Any way mate im just wondering do you collect and trade 2008 NRL champions series??

    Cheers Matey!!

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