George McGinnis - Possibly the most underrated pro player of all time ; 1950-2023


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I was secretly starting to build a side PC of this guy since doing my research for my Top 100 All Time Players list. I was shocked at how physical his play was. So smooth though. That shooting style? He was on absolute beast mode. On a team with Julius Erving he was a clear standout when I watched some of the old game footage. How had I not heard much about this guy before???

When I first came back to the hobby in 2009 I remember seeing the old vet collectors flashing the PSA and BGS graded cards and I wasn't interested. I seen them buying up all the legends and hall of fame cards and wasn't interested. I wish I could go back and pick up a bunch of those great cards!

Anyway - I've got a few cards so far and I'll add the other ones once they arrive from COMC/SMC.

Felt right to me to put him at #91 on my list. I guess no one else anywhere had him that high. Their loss! What an absolute legend.

When you have a free 15 minutes - take some time to watch some highlights or game footage on YouTube - you won't regret it!



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Under-rated for sure but lots of the ABA stars are. Ironically the Pacers got scrwed over twice - first when he left for the NBA and secondly when they traded rookie Alex English for him in the twilight of his career.... I think there were some other senanigans with the Pacers front office too, I seem to recall he was invovled in some bizarre transaction.
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