Beating the GST - Last Jedi 2, Ragnarok and more Arrows.


Oct 25, 2010
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Saw some breaks of the Last Jedi 2 product, and even though I didn't like the movie much, the product looked solid, and I really wanted a Hemoine Corfield auto for the PC after seeing her in Mission Impossible, so I went 6 boxes. In the end, really happy with how I did. Got a /5 auto, was totally stoked that the only "human" auto I got was the one I really wanted, and also got two absolutely amazing sketches! Rey is by Louise Draper, Leia is by Trevor Anderson. Badges weren't much chop, but at least there's an actual relic in there...and a Chewie!

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0718b (Medium).jpg

Went 3 cheap High Teks again...shouldn't have bothered, at least the Bulloch is a PC add I guess...Merrick is a dupe, and I think I pulled that Ahsoka once before too.

0718d (Medium).jpg

Weakened and bought 2 boxes of Thor Ragnarok, looking to get the base set. Pretty good boxes in the end, got an auto of a character I wanted, and a Sif sketch for the PC. Sif is by Brad Hudson and Volstagg is by Michelle Guerrero. Had 2 Dysons too, but nothing exciting in them.

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Wouldn't be one of my orders if there weren't some Arrow boxes. 3 boxes of Season 3 netted me a couple of nice hits, though all the auto's are dupes. Still haven't managed to pull a Rila Fukushima who's at the top of my want list at the moment. Katrina Law might pay for a good bit of the boxes if I'm lucky.

0718e (Medium).jpg

Season 4 was better though, delivering a nice Caity I needed, a couple of good relics and a really nice sketch of Atom by Cabaleiro.

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Probably my last order for a while...thanks for looking!
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