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Evening all.

Been a long time since I've been on here, feels like half a lifetime ago. I've been looking at consolidating some sets and moving some stuff on, as for the most part I have moved on from collecting much AFL stuff.

I'm gonna start here with the Chipz and Tazos. Already a over a decade since these were last released, a disturbing thought.

Here is what I am after;

2008 Chipz;
Commons; Scott Thompson - Adelaide, Josh Fraser & Nick Maxwell - Coll.
Rookie; Scott Pendlebury
B&F; Travis Cloke, Scott Lucas, Gary Ablett & Matthew Richardson
Leading Goal Kickers; Anthony Rocca, Cameron Mooney, Barry Hall, Brad Johnson
Star Players; Scott Lucas, Peter Bell, Jimmy Bartel, Chad Cornes, Joel Bowden, Scott West
Medal; Jimmy Bartel, Steve Johnson
Logos; any

2009 Chipz
Commons; Justin Koschitzke - StK & Ryan Hargrave -WB
Rookies; Tyrone Vickery, Kieran Jack, Callan Ward
B&F; Brett Deledio & Jarred McVeigh
LG; Matthew Lloyd, Brad Miller, Matthew Richardson & Nick Riewoldt
SP; Leon Davis, Dustin Fletcher, Aaron Davey, Shaun Burgoyne, Brendon Goddard, Leo Barry, Andrew Embley & Adam Cooney
Medal: Adam Cooney
The Freo coloured Premiership Cup
About half the Red Logos, tell me if you have any and I'll see if I need it.

2010 Chipz
Common; Jay Neagle -Ess
B&F; Gary Ablett
Matchwinners Gold; Paul Chapman
Medal: Gary Ablett & Brendan Fevola
Blue captains; Adelaide, Port, WC

2007 Tazos
Common; 39 & 48
Gold; 35

2008 Tazos
6, 13, 57 & 64

2010 3D Footy Plays
Gold; 45 (Melb), 55 (Port), 65 (StK)

2013 Footy Stars
2 & 3

Would prefer to trade, as I have 100s or 1000s of spares to trade off (except the Logo and Blue Chipz, just a few of those), willing to trade heavily in favour to anyone that can help me out. Willing to buy at a good price though.

Have many inserts of Select and Teamcoach to trade too, including some Sigs.

Also have a redeemed 2010 St Kilda Logo Chip with cert. for anyone interested.

Cheers guys.
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