2020 Donruss Football - Preorders


Apr 11, 2020
Ipswich QLD
Real Name
Nathan Laughton
Does any one in Australia sell just singles / team sets or the 350-400 count box of all the commons for 2020 Donurss NFL?

Very late to the party as my kids have been watching NFL past few years on Fox, but became obsessed this season.

I really am after a handful of commons like Mahomes, Mayfield, Brady [which I understand would probably cost more]... But my kids love the Chiefs, Browns, Seahawks, Bills, Steelers, and especially the Dolphins (from Ace Ventura LOL!). If I could get a couple of team sets of Dolphins and Chiefs, that'd be my first step. I believe the player they like is a Rookie too - Tua Tagovailoa .

Anyway... if any one knows of Aussie NFL dealers with stock, or any of you collectors have commons etc you want to sell, just let me know. I personally am a NRL and cricket collector (as are my kids).
There is a listing on eBay I seen...like $1 each or something