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  • g'day mate wondering if you have a value on the 1998 don bradman signature card i have 1 and have been chasing value for years
    To move a deal from In Progress to Completed, click on edit, then go advanced. On the next page you should be able to modify the prefix of In Progress to Completed on your agreement thread. This will need to be done by the person who creates the trade thread.
    Yes, I have tried to get in touch with you through your website. I was wondering if you could help me locate a few cards to complete my Grant Hill card collection. I started off needing about 9 cards but I have managed to find 6 of them so now I only need 3 cards. Both of our Grant Hill card collection goals are somewhat the same, except that I am trying to just find these cards. they don't have to be graded. It would be great if you can help or point me in the right direction with someone who can. Thank you so much for your time. Here is the list of cards that I need.



    1.) 1995 Classic Assets Gold Jason Kidd/Grant Hill #NNO
    2.) 1995 Classic Assets Gold Jason Kidd/Grant Hill Die-Cut #NNO
    3.) 1995 Classic Assets Gold Silver Signature #SS 48
    Probably PM is the best way to go (I know you've already contacted me about your situation so it's all good)
    To be honest, i'd recommend that 2 users with low or no feedback trade with members that do, until they can get their feedback high enough. Unfortunately there is little or no protection trading with a 0 feedback member, especially if they cannot provide feedback from other sites (eBay etc).
    Thanks mate, looks like it's working as you said. For some reason it wouldn't let me post with links the other night. Cheers!
    Hi Mate, look firstly i have to apologise i did not realise that what i was doing was like spamming i thought that it was a test to see how much interest was out there for a separate forum for NRL and that is why i put it out there, to drum up as much support as i could. Again i apologise.
    Cheers Dave
    hey bro i was just cheking around on my local ebay Trade me haha and found this thought u might wana see it\

    GRANT HILL CYAN PRINTING PLATE 1/1 for sale - - New Zealand

    have a good one

    Silly question, how do i change the status of trade agreements to "Completed"? I cant seem to find the field which was there when i created the post, i remember setting it to "In Progress"
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