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  • I can't work it out mate. When im not logged in, I can view any thread I choose. But once I log in then I cant open any threads. It just hangs. No error. Just doesn't load the page. Cant even read or reply to PMs. Do we need to reactivate our account or something?
    I've tried IE and Firefox. Cleared temp files. Restarted, etc...
    Still can't post or reply to your PM, I get the following message
    Hi Graham, I'm still getting the following error message

    The following error occurred:
    Please enter a valid message.
    Top loaders turned up, I will send four cards.
    Can you supply me with payment details, bank deposit. Will the $50 cover 4 cards ?
    I'm excited, will post them to you today.
    Regards Craig.
    Hi Graham, while looking on the net through google I found a page that has no writing, just pictures of PSA graded Hill rookie cards. It is connected to your site some how. But it's not part of you site if I go through it. It shows which cards you are looking for. Does this page still exist ?
    Great site by the way. It really helping me out.
    hi sort of unsure how to make a wanted or sell list help would be apprieciated.
    I see you collect grant hill too? i have around 300 cards of him would love to see your set if i can some how
    sorry just signed up not familiar with how to do things yet
    waiting on a trade from ebay of a heap of GH may have some doubles we could trade or somethin
    heh G, on the feedback u just left what is an 'isses'...........................i am not familiar with that kidding mate....
    To move a deal from In Progress to Completed, click on edit, then go advanced. On the next page you should be able to modify the prefix of In Progress to Completed on your agreement thread. This will need to be done by the person who creates the trade thread.
    Hi Graham,
    Do you have a link or instructions for changing a trade/deal from In Progress to Completed?
    Hey Graham,
    I have seen you collect Grant Hill,I have 2 cards of him
    a dual GU from 07-08 SPX Howard,Grant.
    and a 06-07 spx insert its called a SPXcitement its numbering is 2667/2999 Nice low numbering :)
    Let me know if you need these 2 and we may be able to work something out.
    hi graham just wanting to know how do i close a thread? i had a thread for Stat Attack card but I've finished that set now. thanks
    Hi Graham,

    Just like to say such a great site concept you've got here.

    Also a few questions...

    1. How long should I have to wait to receive cards because I completed a trade on 17/2 but I still haven't got anything. I've done a few trades after that and they've already come.

    2. What are the forum ranks and how do you climb up them?

    3. Do you sell/trade cards? If so, seeking Herald Sun inserts, Kraft AFL Action Heroes and Weet-Bix Stat Attack Cards.


    i must be bit stupid but i can't work out how to make wanted, sell lists so that people know what i have and what i want.
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