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Hi everyone,

Please see below my complete, up-to-date West Coast Eagles wantlist. If you have anything on the list please let me know via reply below or PM and I'd be keen to try and work out a deal (trade or sale). Currently, I'm particularly keen on bulk lots of the lower-end cards I'm after from recent years, but of course happy to discuss anything below!

Red cards are pending/incoming

Thanks :D



2024 Teamcoach Men’s:
Common: 51, 52, 53, 54, 119, 120, 121, 177, 178, 179, 199.
Silver: 51, 52, 53, 54, 119, 120, 121, 177, 178, 179, 199.
Gold: 51, 52, 53, 54, 119, 120, 121, 177, 178, 179, 199.
Scanlens Die-Cut: 65, 66, 67, 68.
Silver Star Powers: SP-81, SP-82, SP-83, SP-84, SP-85.
AFL Fantasy #1: AF-17.
Footy Oddbodz: FB-17.
Best and Fairest: BF-17 (Silver), BF-17 (Gold).
AFL Fantasy Duos: AFD-17.
Card Craft: CC-17 (1), CC-17 (2), CC-17 (3), CC-17 (4).
Gold Card Craft: CC-17.
Card Craft Majestic: CCM-17 (1), CCM-17 (2), CCM-17 (3), CCM-17 (4).
Gold Card Craft Majestic: CCM-17.
Team Star Powers: SP-81, SP-82, SP-83, SP-84, SP-85.
Neon Star Powers: SP-81, SP-82, SP-83, SP-84, SP-85.
Magic Wildcard: MW-17 (Team), MW-17 (Gold).
Star Wildcard: SW-17 (Team), SW-17 (Gold).
Rookie Wildcard: RW-17 (Team), RW-17 (Gold).
Magic Wildcard Tribute: MWT-17 (Team), MWT-17 (Gold).
Scanlens Retro: 65, 66, 67, 68.
Footy Mascot: FM-17.
Prize Card: Allen, Kelly.
Silver Captain: C-17, CW-17.
Gold Captain: C-17, CW-17.

2024 Select Footy Stars: (103)
Luminous: L164, L165, L166, L169.
Footy Heads: FH81, FH82, FH83, FH85.
Stats Kings: SK82, SK83, SK84, SK85.
Milestone: MG98, MG100.
Future Force: FF81, FF83, FF84, FF85.
Luminous Thunderbolt: LT353, LT354, LT355, LT356, LT357, LT358, LT359, LT360, LT361, LT362, LT363, LT364, LT365, LT366, LT367, LT368, LT369, LT370, LT371, LT373, LT374.
Luminous Thunderbolt Refractor: LTR161, LTR162, LTR163, LTR164, LTR165, LTR166, LTR167, LTR168, LTR169, LTR170.
Luminous Superstars: LS65, LS66, LS67, LS68.
Luminous Myriad: LM33, LM34.
Luminous Myriad Signature: LMS17.
Luminous Myriad Signature Redemption: LMSR17.
Ignite: IG65, IG66, IG68.
Brownlow Predictor Gold: BPG97, BPG98, BPG99, BPG100, BPG101, BPG102.
Coleman Predictor Gold: CPG17.
Premiership Predictor Gold: PPG17.
Rising Star Predictor Gold: RSPG17.
Absolute: A81, A82, A83, A84, A85.
Milestone Hobby: MGH98, MGH99, MGH100.
Future Force Green: FFG81, FFG82, FFG83, FFG84, FFG85.
Club Royalty: CR81, CR82, CR83, CR84, CR85.
Ignite Gold: IGG65, IGG66, IGG67.
Brownlow Predictor Platinum: BPP33, BPP34.
Coleman Predictor Platinum: CPP17.
Premiership Predictor Platinum: PPP17.
Rising Star Predictor Platinum: RSPP17.
Absolute Black: AB17.
Absolute Black Signature: ABS17.
Absolute Black Signature Redemption: ABSR17.
Luminous Thunderbolt Refractor Green and Gold: LGG81, LGG82, LGG83, LGG84, LGG85.



2000 Teamcoach:
Common: 83, 154, 182, 199, 225, 226, 254, 282, 283, 299, 325, 326, 354, 382, 383, 399, 454, 482, 483, 499.
Wild Card: 525, 526, 554, 582, 583, 599.

2001 Teamcoach: (8)
Gold: 226.
Gold Hologram: 225, 226, 254, 282, 283, 299.
Promo: 54.

2004 Teamcoach: (19)
Silver: 85, 87.
Gold: 35, 36, 86, 87, 88, 132, 149.
Captain Wildcard: C-15.
Blue Prize: 35, 36, 85, 86, 87, 88, 131, 132, 149.

2005 Teamcoach: (7)
Gold: 35, 36, 85, 86, 88, 131, 132.

2006 Teamcoach: (10)
How to Play: 32, 35 (back #4).
Gold: 32, 35, 85, 149.
Best and Fairest gold: BF-15.
Prize Star Wildcard: SW-15 (foil WEG), SW-15 (no foil WEG).
Checklist: West Coast.

2007 Teamcoach: (2)
Gold: 178.
Captain Wildcard: CW-15.

2008 Teamcoach: (5)
Silver: 94 (1 variation).
Captain Wildcard: CW15 (3 variations).
Promo Checklist: West Coast.

2009 Teamcoach: (12)
Silver: 95 (DYK).
Prize Card: 44, 45, 46, 47, 95, 96, 97, 145, 146, 147, 165.

2012 Teamcoach: (3)
Chrome Silver: 175, 197.
Star Wildcard: 17.

2014 Teamcoach: (1)
Prize Card: LeCras.

2015 Teamcoach: (1)
Star Wildcard Brownlow: SW-17.

2018 Teamcoach: (1)
Prize Card: Yeo.

2019 Teamcoach: (2)
Trophy Star Wildcard: TSW-01.
Auskick Silver: Darling.

2020 Teamcoach: (3)
Prize Card: P-17a, P-17b.
Captain: C-17.

2021 Teamcoach: (5)
Prize Card: P-49, P-50, P-51.
Gold Captain: C-17, CW-13.

2022 Teamcoach: (28)
Common: 58, 130.
Silver: 195, W-25.
Canvas: 195.
Silver Star Powers: SP-81.
Card Craft: CC-33 (1), CC-33 (2), CC-33 (4), CC-34 (2), CC-34 (4).
Gold Card Craft: CC-33, CC-34.
Team Star Powers: SP-81, SP-84, SP-85.
Neon Star Powers: SP-81, SP-82, SP-83, SP-84, SP-85.
Magic Wildcard: MW-17 (Gold).
Star Wildcard: SW-17 (Gold).
Gold Captain: C-17, CW-17.
Prize Card: Gaff, Shuey, Yeo.

2023 Teamcoach Men’s: (24)
Common: 62, 133, 137.
Silver: 201.
Gold: 60, 61, 202, 224.
Card Craft: CC-33 (4), CC-34 (4).
Gold Card Craft: CC-33.
Neon Star Powers: SP-81, SP-82, SP-83.
Magic Wildcard: MW-17 (Gold).
Star Wildcard: SW-17 (Gold).
Rookie Wildcard: RW-17 (Gold).
Gallery Wildcard: GW-17 (Team), GW-17 (Gold).
Game Changers: GC-17.
Prize Card: Barrass.
Red Captain: CW-17.
Auskick Common: Kelly, McGovern.

2023 Teamcoach Women’s: (1)
Gold: 81.



1994 Select:
Gold (with Yellow Name): Matera, McKenna.

1996 Select Football 2: (6)
Brownlow Competition: Jakovich, Kemp, Lovell, Mainwaring, Matera, White.

2016 Select Footy Stars: (5)
Brownlow Predictor: BP130, BP131, BP134, BP135, BP136.

2018 Select Footy Stars: (9)
Brownlow Predictor Gold: BPG129, BPG136.
Brownlow Predictor Platinum: BPP130, BPP131, BPP132, BPP133, BPP134, BPP135, BPP136.

2018 Select Xmas: (4)
Starburst Caricature: SBX65, SBX66, SBX67, SBX68.

2019 Select Footy Stars: (11)
Brownlow Predictor Gold: BPG129, BPG131, BPG132, BPG136.
Brownlow Predictor Platinum: BPP129, BPP130, BPP131, BPP132, BPP133, BPP135, BPP136.

2020 Select Footy Stars: (2)
Auskick Common: Gaff, Hooker.

2021 Select Footy Stars: (7)
Milestone: MG73.
Bang!: BC129, BC131, BC133, BC135, BC136.
Starburst Caricature Fire: SP68.

2021 Select Footy Stars Prestige: (2)
Green Parallel: 150.
Brownlow Predictor: BPP33.

2021 Select Optimum: (6)
Optimum+ Parallel: OPP149, OPP154, OPP215.
Draft Pick Signature Platinum: DPSP52.
Specialist: S99.
All Australian: AA10.

2021 Select Supremacy: (2)
Premiership Glory: PG59.
Momentous Moments Signature: MMS17.

2022 Select Footy Stars: (50)
Common 30 Years: 167, 218.
Purple Parallel: PP167.
Sunset Parallel: PS220.
Numbers Daylight: ND193, ND194, ND196, ND197, ND198, ND199, ND203.
Numbers Midnight: NM194, NM195, NM198, NM199, NM201.
AFL Classified: AC1, AC69, AC115.
Fractured Blue: FB193, FB195, FB197, FB198, FB203, FB204.
Fractured Yellow: FY199, FY201, FY202, FY204.
Blank Canvas: BC181, BC183.
Brownlow Predictor: BPG97, BPG98, BPG99, BPG101.
Spectrum: SM-157, SM-158, SM-159, SM-160, SM-161, SM-162, SM-163, SM-164, SM-165, SM-166.
Virtuoso: V34, V74.
Auskick Common: Naitanui, Ryan.
Best and Fairest: BF17.

2022 Select Footy Stars Prestige: (13)
Blue Parallel: 146, 148, 149.
Green Parallel: 147, 149, 150, 154.
Milestone: MGP79.
AFL Classified: ACP1, ACP69, ACP102.
Brownlow Leaders: BL51.
Brownlow Predictor: BPP33.

2022 Select Brilliance: (4)
Common: BWCE61, BWCE62, BWCE64.
Superstar Gold: BS17.

2022 Select Optimum: (18)
Common: 196.
Optimum+: OP147.
Optimum+ Parallel: OPP147, OPP150, OPP151, OPP200.
Futures: F81, F82, F83.
Matrix: M97, M98, M100, M101, M102.
Draft Pick Signature Copper: DPSC31, DPSC57.
Draft Pick Signature Platinum: DPSP37.
All Australian: AA20.

2022 Select Supremacy Rookie: (5)
Rookie Blue: RPB31, RPB37.
Rookie Green: RPG14, RPG31, RPG37.

2023 Select Footy Stars: (24)
Numbers: N194, N196, N198, N199, N200.
Carbon: C81, C85.
Brownlow Predictor Gold: BPG81, BPG82, BPG84, BPG85.
Coleman Predictor Gold: CPG17.
Premiership Predictor Gold: PPG17.
Coleman Predictor Platinum: CPP17.
Iconic: IC65.
Essential Pink: SPK81, SPK83, SPK84, SPK85.
Essential Acetate: SP84, SP85.
Case Card Signature Redemption: CC96SR.
Auskick Mascots: Naitanui.
Best and Fairest: BF17.

2023 Select Gem: (8)
Common: G145, G151, G153.
Sapphire: GS66, GS67, GS68.
Ruby: GR17.
Diamond Signature: GDS17.

2023 Select Legacy: (24)
Legacy Plus: LP164, LP239.
Team Leaders: TL80.
Prime Draft: PD81, PD82, PD83, PD84.
Cornerstone: C97, C99, C101, C102.
Vortex: V145, V146, V147, V149, V152.
Draft Pick Signature Copper: DPSC14, DPSC58.
Draft Pick Signature Gold: DPSG9, DPSG14, DPSG29.
Draft Pick Signature Platinum: DPSP9, DPSP14, DPSP58.


Thanks for looking!
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Hey mate I have:


I collect Collingwood or happy to work out a price as well.
I have the following:
2023 Teamcoach base 137
2023 Footy Stars Numbers N200 McGovern
Carbon Gaff C81
Classified Redden AC43
Essential Pink - SPK81 Darling
Essential Pink - SPK83 Naitanui
plus sure I would have some of the older ones. PM me if still interested in these and will look through the rest.
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