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What are some of the best cards that you either got from a break, pulled, bought or made a trade for this year. Majority of mine are that I pulled myself.
1. Max Holloway green my house /5 from ufc donruss optic . Its the lowest numbered card I've pulled now
2.bron breakker base disco gold \10 from WWE undercard first gold card ive ever pulled & it was a box I treated my self to as a birthday gift
3.paolo Costa signature series gold/10 from ufc donruss hobby
4. Brandon Ingram galactic from NBA revolution.
5.devin Cassell lava came with the Ingram galactic.
Probably the most unspectacular year for since 2018. I'm mostly grinding away at completing sets. I don't go in many breaks and the best card I've ever hit in a break was worth less than $100 with little upside.

I'd say it's the Joe Montana 1981 Topps I recently bought.

I pulled some decent cards in 2018 and 2019 - when wax had value.

Here's to a better 2024.
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