Completed spottyroach and z240 trade


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Everyone involved in this trade must read & understand the following ...


Please ensure if you are part of this deal that you read the site rules regarding Buying, Selling & Trading on this website.


Selling and trading:

- Members with less than 10 feedback on OzCardTrader MUST SEND FIRST unless the person can provide references from other trading websites and/or eBay with trading card history to the satisfaction of the member they are trading with.
- All trades or sales must be posted in the Submit Sale & Trade Agreements forum and a response left by the other party agreeing to the deal. Cards/payment should not be sent until BOTH parties have agreed to the deal.
- Cards/payment must be sent within 2 business days of deal agreement being reached (unless an alternative arrangement has been met and agreed to by both parties in the Submit Trade/Deal Agreement thread.
- Payments MUST NOT be sent via PayPal as a "gift" under any circumstance. Sellers must not request payment as a gift. Sellers should either request Direct Deposit, or request the buyer pays the PayPal fees if they wish to avoid fees.


Absolutely no sending in white envelopes under any circumstances. The minimum amount of protection when sending all cards is as follows:

a) Each card to be in a penny sleeve, always.
b) Cards are to be placed in appropriately thick top loaders, secured by tape at the top.
c) Cards to be sent in a bubble mailer.

In the event of sending a large number of cards, where individually placing each card in a top loader is not practical, the cards should be well protected between cardboard/top loaders and posted in a box or bubble mailer.

Postage methods that are NOT approved :
a) Cards in a white envelope, regardless of individual card protection - sending in white envelopes is not to happen and will result in a negative being left for you.
b) Cards sent in a penny sleeves or team bags without any other protection.
c) Careless packing methods, such as sending cards in top loaders without tape/team bag to prevent the card slipping out and being damaged.
d) Cards shipped in snap-tight cases with rounded corners.
e) Any other way you can think of that will cause a card to be damaged.

Other sites do not have rules for these sorts of things, and we have seen far too many cards damaged from poor packing. The white envelopes in particular are a no no - we have it from an Aussie Post employee that these white envelopes go through an automated sorting machine, which explains some of the damage we have seen to cards/top loaders sent in plain envelopes. Bubble mailers do not go through this process, so the chances of damage are far less likely.

If there are any problems with transactions you are a part of, please report this trade thread by clicking on the report button
, and we will do what we can to make the deal does go through. Please note, whilst we will assist where we can to get your deal completed, we are not obliged to assist.

By agreeing to this deal, both parties agree that they have read and understand the rules regarding selling, trading and packaging requirements on OzCardTrader.



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Hi Brian, all good thank you in the album, leaving feedback, lets trade again soon, I need some other JDC as well. Have some Stike to open as well. Cheers Craig
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