PC Battle 4 - The Final Showdown

Who has the best cards and should win the PC Battle?

  • KB. - Al-Farouq Aminu

    Votes: 4 9.3%
  • nichj99 - Kenneth Faried

    Votes: 23 53.5%
  • araiee - Lebron James

    Votes: 7 16.3%
  • kiwi_in_melb - Dwight Howard

    Votes: 9 20.9%

  • Total voters
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The (un)official PC Showdown Special Comments Guy
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.....aaaaannnndddd the OFFICIAL winner of the Fourth edition of the OCT PC Battle is......


Thanks to @kiwi_in_melb for overachieving (according to him, not me) and getting to the final, @KB. for bringing the goods the whole way and to @araiee for making everyone work to get votes each round.

Maybe it is the quality of the photos that had a big effect, maybe it is nasty colours found in certain team's patches, maybe it is the rarity of the cards themselves that wins the votes?? We don't know until we try it.... but what we do know is that @skip20 is THE BEST cardboard commentator on the planet and I thank him greatly for his help with this battle!

Now, to go forth and reward sad winner!
Hear! Hear! Good job by all involved....

Most Voluminous Poster?

Congrats @nichj99 welcome to the Mt. Rushmore of OZCT
Thanks again to @drob50 for getting off is bum and running another one of these FINALLY!!! ;):p:goat:

and of course another shout out to everyones favourite commentator @skip20 for the commentary through out and no doubt the RSI he has caused to his fingers with all that typing
Indeed, I need to invest in some voice recognition technology.....

Thanks Gents - flattery will you get everywhere! It has been a while since the last PC showdown so kudos to Adam for getting behind another contest, the guys with the cards from all the rounds (there can be no Grand Sam Champion without worthy competition) and of course the people who actually voted (should have been a lot more votes imho). A job well done all-around. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go and give my wrists a Scottie Pippen-esque ice bath and cotemplate how to lobby Panini for a job!
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