Old Pokémon cards

Sep 25, 2011
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Thomas Bound
Hey guys, have some old Pokémon cards from roughly 2004-2006 series, I’ve attached photos of the holo cards, any insight into prices of cards or other cards to look for that a worth a buck please let me know.


Jay Dee

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Dec 9, 2015
Western Australia
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Just happened on your post. Have been repricing some of the short prints from the early 2000's including some of your lot- Unseen Forces, Emerald, Legend Makers, Team Rocket Returns etc. The energy and trainers a couple of $ each, the others for the stamped reverse holos (legend makers, unseen forces) and the Treecko holo up to $12 each (for the stamped cards depending on if they're common, uncommon or rare). The real short prints (Expedition, Aquapolis, Skyridge) go for ridiculous prices. I think the latter are great options if you can find them (certainly off eBay). For instance an Alakazam Expedition non-holo rare sells for +/-$30. Who knows what will happen to Pokemon. I worked (weekends) in a Perth card shop when it hit the shelves and the thinking was that it would hang around for a while like Spice Girl photocards and then disappear. Never happened, although with increasing booster box prices who knows. Cheers- Jack


Jan 19, 2021
Safety Beach
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Hey mate, just wondering if you sold these cards? There are a couple i need for my collection. Did you have anymore rares from these sets? I have the uncommon and common sets, just need a few more to finish my master sets.