New Gameday Websites Coming Soon ( Sneak Peek )

Thought I would pick up where I left off. Back in 2017, I began the rebuild of the website Gameday Trading Cards. The website was first launched in 2009 and has gone through many incarnations since. Due to a lack of resources and time the site has sat idle for the past couple of years. BUT...... Finally, I have decided to bite the bullet and create a version of the site I can maintain. The all-new site will be launching Monday, October 21st with the aim to build over time. While you wait you can check out my 20 days of previews starting tomorrow Monday, September 23rd.

The all-new website will feature trading card profiles delivered in a fun and creative way. The profiles will still feature loads of quality images of cards and product information. We are looking forward to an exciting 2019 rollout of the new site and growing the site all through 2020.

The website is for all those who love the hobby so support us by following the site, joining the site or checking us out on our Social Media channels.

Follow this thread as we will update with the daily previews over the next month. Click the link in my signature to check out the site.
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First two previews are up on-site ( AFL Insert ) and ( NRL Insert ). Check out the upcoming previews....

Also, preview our full product profile for 2019 Select AFL Supremacy and watch as we build out the page.

Click the link in my signature to visit the site !!
There are now the first two weeks of preview pages up on the site.... Plus just made live our full 2019 AFL Dominance release profile preview.
Covid in 2020 both played havoc with my plans to get the complete Gameday Trading Cards website live and also gave me a new direction to complete the site as I originally visualized it way back in the early 2000s. So here we go again take 3 at getting the full site on the web.
Stayed tuned to this thread for updates or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep in the loop.

We are excited about the impending launch of the new site and also moving forward with loads of fun stuff on the site for all those in the hobby.

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