New Gameday Websites Coming Soon ( Sneak Peek )

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Hi All,

My new Gameday Websites are well under construction. For those that are interested check out my first sneak peek at the new look sites. More sneak peeks coming soon.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Want to know more about the sites and what is coming soon then just ask.

Gameday Online
Back in 2009 I first launched the website . Since then many different versions of the site have been started but have never been fully completed. The real world and life have always managed to interrupt development of the site and time has never allowed me to complete the site how I have wanted to ( Until Now !! ).

Announcing in 2018 the full version of Gameday Trading Cards will be launched to coincide with the start of the AFL and NRL seasons. The site will be expanding to cover not only sports but also non sports trading cards. Loads of opportunities will be available for collectors, dealers and manufacturers to promote the industry. The site will endeavour to be the largest encyclopedia of trading card information on the web with comprehensive individual product profiles. A lot of work has already been completed and we will be giving some sneak peeks of the site over the next couple of months. Your support of this project would be greatly appreciated by taking a look. You can also join up to the site by becoming a member or follow us on facebook to keep updated with our progress.

Check out this first sneak peek :

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We are excited about the future of the project........follow this thread for more updates.

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